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Noah Banks on VOIP systems

VoIP Phone Systems

As a communication tool, the telephone is an incredibly important part of business and without it, it would be incredibly difficult to communicate with our existing clients, potential clients and co-workers. In addition, if a client has a problem, or needs a solution the telephone is one of the most common forms of communication that they will use and as a frequent first point of contact, it’s important that our telephone systems are reliable and responsive as necessary.

We are currently in the middle of one of the largest technological revolutions the world has ever seen and almost every business is starting to benefit from constant innovations right across the board. One area which has really come to light in the last few years is the emergence of VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol telephone systems, this system replaces the need for a traditional telephone line by operating a telephone system over a regular broadband internet connection.

Are they a good business alternative?

When it comes to business, deciding whether something is a good alternative means that you really have to take into consideration what your business needs. As your business continues to grow and develop you need a telephone system which can move and adapt with the times, VoIP technology is designed to grow and develop with your business which means that as your business grows you don’t need to fork out for an entirely new telephone system. It also has the capacity to deal with a number of incoming and outgoing lines at the same time, allowing you to operate the entire office telephone network through one simple network.

What savings might I make?

Regardless of the size of your business, there are a wide range of savings which can be offered by a VoIP network, but the most common is the immediate cost savings that you will see. This is mainly due to the reduction in call costs, this can be seen especially if you are frequently making long distance or international calls, your general cost rates are now replaced by a basically free service which uses only internet data to make the telephone call.

What other benefits could VoIP offer me?

In addition to cost saving, VoIP technology can offer you a wider range of savings, especially when it comes to time. The functionality of the VoIP software means that you are now able to easily participate in video and telephone conferencing, saving you the time and hassle of having to attend the conference in person.

Although many people are sceptical about the reliability and security of this style of telephone system, there are a wide range of security packages available to help ensure the reliability as needed. In addition, as the technology continues to develop improvements are being made right across the VoIP service to help ensure that you have a reliable and stable telephone network.

Noah Banks is an author of telecommunications articles and specializes in VOIP systems.

General News and Updates concise review [RESPONSE]

If you came here looking for FlyNumber reviews you may want to check our Facebook wall.

This is in response to a review a user wrote on his malware infested blog.

I’d rather not link to the site because there is actual malware and malicious code on the site. If you try to get to one of his links through google it actually redirects you to some spammy prescription website

I will however admit this user did slip the cracks. We were going thorough some major growing pains last year. Some tickets and support emails got caught up on our poorly written fraud filter we had installed. The bugs are gone and we are now 100%..

The user would have received his number right away but because he ordered a Costa Rica virtual number ( out of stock now ) we required some ID. This is due to local regulations with the carrier in Costa Rica and not FlyNumber

We have since refunded this user and offered a free virtual number for the hassle. He seems to refuse to respond and update his negative post.

We still hope we can come to an understanding with Mr Smits, but until then this post will stay up as a warning.

If any potential FlyNumber customers are worried or reluctant because of his post please feel free to email us at [email protected] before any payments so we can get rid of any reservations you may have.


Why doesn’t everyone have a Virtual Number?

So says the guy selling them right? Well hear me out, most of us who fall under the categories of entrepreneur, webmaster or internet junkie know of the benefits associated with having a virtual number. We use them to post on our “Contact Us” pages or maybe you used one because the travel site you developed needed a Canada virtual number for local clients to call.

What about the average Joe buying phone cards every week at the local lottery store to keep in touch with his daughter abroad? I happen to be lucky enough to live in the melting pot of the world – New York City. There are still many international callers here who still fuss around with access numbers and PINS.  They seem to be communicating with the same people over and over- a mother in Brazil or maybe a brother you keep in touch with in Spain.

I blame it on the name for one, “virtual numbers” sounds like a domain you’d register in the 90’s, but those are the cards we were dealt and we’ll have to deal with it.  Most sites who offer similar services are clumsy and really seem to cater to the techie. Terms like SIP Address or Asterisk PBX Configuration files usually fly right over the average user’s heads. At FlyNumber we are trying to make virtual numbers simpler to use and easier to understand.

My favorite and by far our most popular forwarding option is Skype. Considering how many new Skype users are added everyday it’s no surprise more and more users want to forward to their Skype accounts. It’s also incredibly cheap. Let’s use the Spain model where I’m in New York and my brother lives in Spain; $3.95 month buys me unlimited incoming minutes to my Skype running on my iPhone.  So my brother can call me anytime and it won’t cost more than 4 bucks a month. Granted, I may want to call him, all I have to do is the reverse; get him a New York number that I can call and we’ll forward  it to his Skype account in Spain- that would be $3 a month with unlimited minutes as well.

Skype offers their own “virtual numbers” called Skype-in; I’m not sure what the future holds for Skype-in numbers though. In the past 12 months they dropped both Brazil and Italy. After the Microsoft acquisition I can only hope Microsoft will keep Skype as “Open” as possible. Allow developer’s access to new API’s and encourage more new apps being built around Skype and I promise the future looks real good for Skype.