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New Internal SIP addresses for Incoming/Outgoing calls and a great SIP client for iPhone and Android

Now anytime anyone calls your FlyNumber you can answer the calls for free with unlimited incoming minutes on your iPhone or Android, when you make an outgoing call you’ll pay our low per minute rate and have your FlyNumber show up as the Caller-ID. 

This has been the most anticipated feature coming out of our PBX/ Virtual Phone System; it will enable you to register a SIP device/client with our own internal SIP addresses.  No need to use a 3rd party VOIP provider, just choose a phone number and send the calls to our “PBX”.  You’ll have the ability to register multiple devices and use our legendary PBX Grid to configure your configuration.  It’s never been easier to make and receive phone calls with your FlyNumber.

The Caller-ID feature is also pretty neat.  You’ll have the standard feature where you can assign a FlyNumber to an outgoing caller ID for a SIP account. So for example: you call out on SIP account A your UK number shows up as the outgoing caller ID and when you make an outgoing call on SIP account B your Spain Phone number shows up as the caller ID.  Well ,what happens if you have multiple international FlyNumbers and call all over the place but want to deal with just 1 SIP account?… we got you covered.

This new never before seen feature will allow you to call anywhere in the world and have the correct Caller- ID show up depending on which country you dial . For example, you have a BrazilCanada and USA FlyNumber, when you call any USA phone number your USA FlyNumber will appear on the caller ID, the same goes for when you call a Brazilian phone number- your Brazil FlyNumber shows up as the Caller- ID.

How to Setup with a SIP client on your iPhone or Android phone

My new favorite SIP client is the Acrobits SIP client for iPhone and Android – $6.99 and worth every penny. If for no other reason, buy the app for its ability to receive phone calls while being completely off. The number one issue with many other SIP clients is battery life; you need to keep the app running in the background to receive phone calls.  Not here, if you’re not making outgoing calls at the moment  just shut down the app and you’ll still receive the phone calls via push notifications.

First you need to get the SIP account from your PBX/ Virtual Phone System on your FlyNumber Account.  Log on to your PBX Grid and drag a “Persons” module onto your grid, Enter a name> and then choose VOIP > Device.

It then displays your SIP credentials( as seen below) , keep in mind it’s not active until you save and finish creating the module.

Here is how that information looks on the Acrobit “Generic SIP Account” setup. Pretty simple.

Here ‘s a screen shot of my configuration in the FlyNumber PBX, I have the 347 Phone number attached to my SIP account, and if I don’t answer it goes into voicemail.

The only setting you may want to tinker with on the app are the codecs, especially if you experience issues. Try keeping G711 ulaw as the preferred code

3rd Party VOIP General

One of our favorite SIP clients for iPhone and Android Mobile devices

It’s been a while since we’ve updated the blog, our apologies . We’ve been very busy updating the “internals”, we’re about to introduce FlyNumber SIP addresses among other neat features.  The exterior may look the same but there’s plenty going on inside. We’re coming out with new features almost every quarter and the PBX/ Virtual phone system is evolving very nicely. You need to try it out if you haven’t already, it’s visually appealing and the grid gives you a real sense of customization.

There are a handful of quality SIP clients available for IOS and Android devices nowadays. I tried zoiper, media5 and the 3CX IPhone SIP client, the 3CX app was promising but on the latest iPhone 5 (6.02 firmware)  it would lose connection and the calls wouldn’t come in after a couple minutes of the phone being asleep.

That brings me to the modestly priced $7.99 Bria SIP phone from Counterpath. These are the same guys who developed the popular x-lite softphone for Windows; they know what they’re doing. The app runs well in the background and doesn’t seem to drain battery. I like how it lists the missed and placed calls along with seamlessly integrating with my iPhone contacts.

To set this up with us you’ll need to forward your FlyNumber to a SIP account which is registered on the Bria App. Easiest way is to get a free account and register that info in the Bria VOIP app. On the Bria app when you enter the sip2sip info the username is your sip2sip username without the , the password is the one you received in the sign up email and the domain is