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NYC phone numbers -Inside scoop

So I thought it would be a neat idea to write a little about popular area codes -their history, availability, technical aspects, and perhaps the occasional pop culture reference.  Given that we started in NYC, it only makes sense to start with the big apple. I’ve been outside the city for a while now so […]

General How To News and Updates

How our aesthetically pleasing PBX grid makes configuring your call flow effortless (and fun)

Remember those sheets of grid paper they used to hand out in elementary school, the ones you’d use for geometry or to draw graphs. Didn’t they make math so much fun? Well, maybe not, but it did make the work easier. The engineers behind our PBX-phone system thought the same. It doesn’t matter if you’re […]


How caller-ID works when forwarding to a regular phone number

You can take any of our local phone numbers and forward the calls to any regular phone number in the world. Some forward their FlyNumbers to a local number, for example – a Canada FlyNumber forwarded to a Canada mobile. Others go international – a UK FlyNumber forwarded to the US. (everyone has their reasons) […]

3rd Party VOIP General News and Updates

Entrepreneurs and the SIP protocol – [Feb, 2022]

Savvy entrepreneurs have been taking advantage of the versatility SIP has to offer since the mid-’90s. We’re excited to see more jump on board, it’s a neat alternative to the closed VoIP ecosystem. (i.e. One VoIP company app for all devices, employees etc.) For the less informed, SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is a basic, classic, […]


Forwarding the calls versus setting the calls

“Forwarding the calls” somewhere vs. setting the calls to ring somewhere are 2 different things. It may be important for you to know the difference. At our core, we’ll always offer you the ability to use the FlyNumber(s) in one of the following three ways. 1. Set the calls to a SIP URI. This can […]

3rd Party VOIP General How To

Use SIP2SIP to receive unlimited incoming calls on your FlyNumber

If you haven’t noticed already we’ve updated our phone system. It’s a powerful system and could be “too much” for some. ( We still suggest you check it out) You can still receive unlimited calls on your local number using VoIP/ SIP without our phone system. Here we’ll suggest sip2sip, it’s free and simple to […]

General News and Updates

Our new phone system has been released

We’re excited to finally bring you the new phone system. It’s HTML 5 based so there is no need for adobe flash (as required on our older system) If you’re currently a customer or you sign up before Mid June 2021 the PBX/ Phone System is included in the price of the phone number. There […]

General How To

[Guide] Configure Groundwire or Zoiper using our phone system

You have a phone number, now you want to use it. Here we’ll discuss getting incoming /outgoing calls on your smartphone with a virtual number (sometimes called a VOIP or DID number). This guide assumes you have: A smartphone ( iPhone or Android) A FlyNumber account ( with the optional phone system Decent internet, wifi, […]

How To News and Updates

SMS Forwarding is Here*

First, we must thank our current users for their patience while we implemented this feature. Its been live for a couple of weeks now and glad to report its working well. Currently, it’s enabled for all new orders automatically, current users will need to send us an email or open a ticket requesting we enable […]

News and Updates

A much-needed update

Our blog has been on the back burner for quite some time. Over recent years, most of our public communications have come via the discussion forum. Much like phone numbers, the blog has no replacement =) Over the past couple of months, we’ve gone through some tough growing pains. Updates, new software, security enhancements, and […]