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Call Like a Local, Pay Like a Local

Colorful representation of a global citizen, transcending specific cultural identities to embody the concept of global unity. This figure should be constructed from geometric shapes, vibrant patterns, and a spectrum of colors that represent diversity without aligning with any particular nationality. The character is engaging in a joyful activity, such as making a phone call, symbolizing communication and connection across the globe. The background is a minimalist depiction of the Earth, emphasizing the idea of a connected world. This illustration aims to celebrate the richness of global diversity and the shared human experience, inviting viewers to recognize themselves in the spirit of worldwide inclusivity.

Our cloud phone system has always allowed you to call any phone number globally while displaying your FlyNumber as the outgoing caller ID. This feature ensures you appear local, no matter your location or the device you’re using.

With our latest update you can now make those same same phone calls while paying  significantly less per minute, in many cases up to 10X cheaper.

The per min rates for when using the phone system.

Now, there are three primary scenarios for making outgoing phone calls using our system: Local, EU, and Standard.

Local: Whenever you dial a number in the same country as your FlyNumber, you’ll enjoy local rates. For instance, calling a UK phone number from a UK FlyNumber means you pay as if you were making a local call within the UK.

EU: For calls within the European Economic Area (EEA), our system offers even more flexibility. Make a call from any EU FlyNumber to any EU phone number, and enjoy special EU rates. For example, calling a Swiss phone number from an Austrian FlyNumber falls under these favorable rates.

Standard: For all other scenarios not covered by the Local or EU options, standard rates apply.

Please note, the Local scenario does not apply universally. For instance, calls to a Pakistan phone number will incur standard rates, regardless of the FlyNumber used—though our rates for Pakistan remain highly competitive.

Rates for Forwarding Calls:

When forwarding calls from your FlyNumber to a regular phone number, the pricing logic adjusts slightly. The Local rate is not applicable in these instances; only the EU or Standard rates apply.

For the EU rate to kick in, the call must originate from the EU to your FlyNumber, which then forwards to an EU country.

For example, if you forward calls from your Australian FlyNumber to a Spanish phone number and the caller is from the EU, the EU rate for that Spanish number applies.

If you have any questions or need further clarification, please don’t hesitate to contact us or post on our forum. We’re here to help!

By Nader Jaber

Helping people communicate while trying to improve as a communicator myself.

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