Cloud-based Phone System

Smartphone laptop and computer surrounding a cloud in the center all connected to a server

You pay for the phone number + a flat $14.95 per month for the phone system

  • Up to 30 users or extensions (i.e. SIP Accounts)
  • Visual user interface
  • Configure call flows through a user-friendly, drag-and-drop web interface compatible with desktop computers, tablets, and mobile devices.
  • Off-site management
  • Administer the system via a web-based interface accessible from any location.
  • Real-time activation
  • Voice configurations are activated instantly as they are assembled, offering immediate access to the voice system.
  • Integrated contact management
  • Handle contacts and contact methods utilized by the phone system
  • Built-in audio library
  • Upload audio files, record messages, and manage playlists
  • Accept calls on single or multiple phone numbers
  • Add inbound calling phone numbers directly from the management interface.
  • SIP trunk setup
  • Add and configure inbound and outbound SIP trunks from the management interface.
  • Call history
  • Access detailed call logs, with optional date filters.
  • Call data
  • View in-depth call statistics and visualizations.
  • Multilingual support
  • Change the language of the entire interface
  • Compatibility with third-party systems
  • Designed to effortlessly connect with any SIP-standard compliant VoIP service provider, hardware, or software.

A blue cloud icon connecting to 4 orange rectangles

Multiple modules to configure the call flow

  • Call Menu: Great or businesses- send callers to different destinations depending on keypresses. For example, “Hi, you’ve reached Crimson Tide investment group, please press 1 for John, press 2 for Sally, or 3 to leave a voicemail, etc.
  • SIP Accounts: For each “contact” in the phone system you can add multiple “contact methods” - one being a SIP Account. Create new SIP credentials and use them anywhere, with a smartphone, SIP app, Polycom/Grandstream desktop phones, etc.
  • Time-based Routing: Route calls based on the day and/or time. Your local bakery may want phone calls going to voicemail on the weekend. Or perhaps you do real estate and want leads to go to different agents at different times.
  • Blacklist: You have some flexibility here, you can block specific phone numbers as well as Caller ID’s that contain letters or show up blank. This is especially useful if you’re getting spam calls from a specific phone number. Our CLI routing module can help route calls based on the prefix alone.
  • Identify which FlyNumber is calling

  • This is especially useful if you have multiple phone numbers with us. You’ll be able to differentiate between FlyNumbers when calls come in on your SIP client. You can enter custom text to appear before or after the Caller ID.
  • An example use case would be you have a NYC 917 and London,UK 020 FlyNumber. You want the 917 to show up as “Acme inc-The Caller ID” and the London 020 “ Personal call - The Caller ID” on your smartphone display

Cloud icon in center with multiple devices surrounding it

Advanced Call Menu / IVR:

  • In it’s most basic form, “Hi, You’ve reached Acme Incorporated Press 1 for sales, 2 for support“
  • Upload Menu Greeting: Use any of the following audio formats to upload for your IVR/ Menu- (mp3/wav/flac/ogg). You can also record from within your browser or use files in the phone system “Media Center”. This is where you’d tell the callers what key presses they need to enter (ie Press 1 for Sally, 2 for John, 3 for Voicemail etc.)
  • Menu-option categories: Set the call flow out of a Call Menu/IVR module to 1 of 3 options.
  • 1.) Extension or in other words, the key press. Here you’ll set what number the caller must enter. (Ex: “Please dial 301 for Sally, press 9 for our voicemail”)
  • 2.) Invalid keypress, here you’ll probably want the call flow to go to a “playback” module telling the caller the keypresses were invalid or not recognized. Then play the menu again for them.
  • 3.) Timeout - You can set this for up to 2 minutes in the “Call Menu” module settings. If the caller doesn’t press anything for lets say 1 minute, you can ask them to “please make a selection”. Then loop them back to the menu
  • What if the caller keeps making an invalid selection or timing out?
  • Within the Call Menu module settings you can set the “Playback Counter”- For example, you set this to “3” - Now the caller times out/gives the invalid press 3 times, you play them the message “You pressed an invalid key” 3 times before finally sending them to a voicemail (or any other module)

3 men standing in line icon

Call Queue/On-Hold:

  • - Play music or an audio file for callers that are placed in queue/on hold
  • - Add contacts that you’d like to send “queue” calls to
  • - Round-robin with callers: The system will send phone calls to the next “contact” that hasn’t been sent a call. Great for sales and support teams among other uses.
  • Ring-all: With this option enabled every “contact” in your queue will be called- first person to answer takes the call
  • Random: The system will ring “contacts” you set at random until someone answers
  • Queue timeout: You can define a time ( between 5 seconds and 15 minutes ) on where the call will go if none of your “contacts” answer. For example, if no one answers the call after the person is in the queue for 30 seconds you can have them go to a voicemail/menu/playback/ or a different contact entirely.

Screenshots of the phone system configuration canvas

2 modules on a grid with one of them moving and cable connects them

Configure call flow on a cloud canvas

  • HTML 5 based so it works everywhere (including browser smartphone)
  • Makes the task of setting up your call logic much easier
  • Connect PBX modules using visual "cables" | Everything saves instantly
  • Create multiple canvas tabs to keep businesses separate
Square module labeled Main menu with configuration options

Route by key press using a Menu/IVR

  • "Hi, you've reached Acme bros., Please press 1 for sales, 2 for support..."
  • Use multiple menus in your call flow
  • A "keypress" can go anywhere and/or to multiple places
  • SIP account(s), VM, multiple regular phone numbers and more
4 rectangular modules each with a different phone number

Configure multiple FlyNumbers

  • Give each FlyNumber it's own call logic
  • Or create 1 main call flow scenario and easily route all your FlyNumbers there
  • Use the same or different routing based on the number

Screenshot of square module with abbreviated days of the week and time options

Time-based routing

  • You could send calls to voicemail after hours
  • Route calls to a different person on weekends
The word Mike entered into search field with results display

Search the phone system

  • Intuitively search through contacts and modules
  • Easily find FlyNumbers on the grid (and their settings)
A square module depicting voicemail settings

Voicemail to email or cloud

  • Upload your own greeting
  • Voicemails can be emailed, sent to Google Drive, DropBOX, One Drive or FTP
  • Save audio files (i.e. VM greeting) in the media center to a use anywhere on the PBX grid

Icon of six colored squares on a browser

Overview of available modules

  • In-house extensions
  • Numbers that can be reached directly by system users.
  • Call distribution groups
  • Direct incoming external or internal calls to various endpoints within the group.
  • Automated voice assistance
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) lets callers hear pre-recorded messages and navigate to desired destinations using their keypads.
  • Custom audio messages
  • Play tailored audio content for callers.
  • Group calls (ie. Conference)
  • Enable multiple participants to join a conference call.
  • Voicemail
  • Callers can leave voice messages, which are sent to a designated email, file server, or third-party cloud account.
  • Call recording/archiving
  • Record calls, including SIP Account and External Line contact methods (if relevant), and send the recordings to a chosen email, file server, or third-party cloud account.
  • Inbound call filtering
  • Block calls from specific phone numbers or area codes
  • Call Queue/lineup
  • Place incoming calls in a queue before connecting them to the appropriate recipients.
  • Temporal routing
  • Forward incoming calls to various destinations based on the day and time.
  • Caller-based routing
  • Direct incoming calls to different endpoints according to the caller's phone number.
  • Fax
  • Convert incoming faxes to PDF format, with multiple delivery options.
  • Alerts for events
  • Notify users via email when specified events take place.
  • Customizable function codes
  • Access system features like call transfers and call pickup directly from the phone.
  • Call redirection
  • Direct incoming calls to any phone number or VoIP destination.

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