Cloud-based PBX Phone System

Cloud-based PBX Phone System

Monthly for the phone number + $13 per mon. for the PBX

  • Up to 15 users or extensions ( i.e. SIP Accounts )
  • Very high value at a fraction of the cost | You will not be disappointed
  • Check out our blog post on how the PBX canvas makes setting up your call flow simple
  • IVR | Playback | SIP Accounts | Extensions | Record Phone Calls | Route based on CLI or time | Works with Google Drive, OneDrive or DropBox
  • Buy multiple phone numbers and manage them all in one place
  • Get a number in London, the US and CA (depending on your market) to all go to the same place, or route by time, phone number , menu press etc.
  • Add unlimited phone numbers with no extra fees
  • HTML 5 based | Works great on your smartphone
The Phone System User Guide

2nd pbx

Multiple modules to configure the call flow

  • Call Menu: Great or businesses- send callers to different destinations depending on keypresses. For example, “Hi, you’ve reached Crimson Tide investment group, please press 1 for John, press 2 for Sally, or 3 to leave a voicemail, etc.
  • SIP Accounts: For each “contact” in the phone system you can add multiple “contact methods” - one being a SIP Account. Create new SIP credentials and use them anywhere, with a smartphone, SIP app, Polycom/Grandstream desktop phones, etc.
  • Time-based Routing: Route calls based on the day and/or time. Your local bakery may want phone calls going to voicemail on the weekend. Or perhaps you do real estate and want leads to go to different agents at different times.
  • Blacklist: You have some flexibility here, you can block specific phone numbers as well as Caller ID’s that contain letters or show up blank. This is especially useful if you’re getting spam calls from a specific phone number. Our CLI routing module can help route calls based on the prefix alone.
  • Identify which FlyNumber is calling

  • This is especially useful if you have multiple phone numbers with us. You’ll be able to differentiate between FlyNumbers when calls come in on your SIP client. You can enter custom text to appear before or after the Caller ID.
  • An example use case would be you have a NYC 917 and London,UK 020 FlyNumber. You want the 917 to show up as “Acme inc-The Caller ID” and the London 020 “ Personal call - The Caller ID” on your smartphone display

Questions about our phone system?

Advanced Call Menu / IVR:

  • In it’s most basic form, “Hi, You’ve reached Acme Incorporated Press 1 for sales, 2 for support“
  • Upload Menu Greeting: Use any of the following audio formats to upload for your IVR/ Menu- (mp3/wav/flac/ogg). You can also record from within your browser or use files in the phone system “Media Center”. This is where you’d tell the callers what key presses they need to enter (ie Press 1 for Sally, 2 for John, 3 for Voicemail etc.)
  • Menu-option categories: Set the call flow out of a Call Menu/IVR module to 1 of 3 options.
  • 1.) Extension or in other words, the key press. Here you’ll set what number the caller must enter. (Ex: “Please dial 301 for Sally, press 9 for our voicemail”)
  • 2.) Invalid keypress, here you’ll probably want the call flow to go to a “playback” module telling the caller the keypresses were invalid or not recognized. Then play the menu again for them.
  • 3.) Timeout - You can set this for up to 2 minutes in the “Call Menu” module settings. If the caller doesn’t press anything for lets say 1 minute, you can ask them to “please make a selection”. Then loop them back to the menu
  • What if the caller keeps making an invalid selection or timing out?
  • Within the Call Menu module settings you can set the “Playback Counter”- For example, you set this to “3” - Now the caller times out/gives the invalid press 3 times, you play them the message “You pressed an invalid key” 3 times before finally sending them to a voicemail (or any other module)

Call Queue/On-Hold:

  • - Play music or an audio file for callers that are placed in queue/on hold
  • - Add contacts that you’d like to send “queue” calls to
  • - Round-robin with callers: The system will send phone calls to the next “contact” that hasn’t been sent a call. Great for sales and support teams among other uses.
  • Ring-all: With this option enabled every “contact” in your queue will be called- first person to answer takes the call
  • Random: The system will ring “contacts” you set at random until someone answers
  • Queue timeout: You can define a time ( between 5 seconds and 15 minutes ) on where the call will go if none of your “contacts” answer. For example, if no one answers the call after the person is in the queue for 30 seconds you can have them go to a voicemail/menu/playback/ or a different contact entirely.

Fluid Grid

Fluid Grid

  • HTML 5 Based
  • Works on your smartphone browser


  • "Press 1 for sales, press 2 for support"
  • Use multiple menus
Phone Numbers

Phone Numbers

  • Add multiple FlyNumbers
  • Use the same or different routing based on the number

Complex Call Flows and More

  • The possibilites are endless, try different scenarios
  • Changes are applied instantly and saved automatically
Time Based Routing

Time Based Routing

  • You could send calls to voicemail after hours
  • Route calls to a different person on weekends


  • Intuitively search through contacts and modules


  • Upload your own greeting
  • Voicemails are emailed
  • Save greeting to "media center"