How It Works

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1.) Choose an area code/prefix for your FlyNumber

  • First we’ll give you the option to choose an area code or prefix.
  • Set the billing period for either 1,3,6 or 12 months.
  • You can prepay the above billing period or set the account to auto-bill a credit card/paypal.
  • This is a local phone number however we do offer toll-free and mobile numbers for many countries.
  • Your FlyNumber is a Virtual, VoIP or for the true "techies", a "DID phone number".
  • Available countries

Collage of multiple devices and software labels

2.) Freedom to use any device or software

  • Let us know how you'd like to use the virtual phone number.
  • Set calls to a multitude of different devices.
  • You can change these settings anytime.
  • Use Call Forwarding or VoIP

Mashup of features that come with FlyNumber

3.) Enjoy all the FlyNumber features

  • If the number does not require registration (for example, US, Canada, UK, Mexico and others) - The number will be active usually sent right away.
  • If we must register the number (for ex: France, Italy, Germany or Singapore among others) it can take about 1 business day.
  • Sign up for FlyNumber