Unique Billing Based on Phone Number

Instead of per user/extension

Instead of per user/extension

  • Fixed price based on the country of the phone number
  • No complicated packages involving minutes or "users"
  • Answer calls with an iPhone / Android app or any VoIP solution and its unlimited minutes
  • No hidden fees | Cancel anytime | Never any contracts
  • When did VoIP (Phone calls using the internet) start to become more expensive than traditional telephone operators from the 1990's?

Pricing for each Country and City

You've got options

You've Got Options

  • Send the calls to a regular phone number for a low per min rate
  • Add multiple phone numbers to the same account
  • Port in your current phone number for free (Sweden and Switzerland numbers have one time charge)
  • Make outgoing calls for a low per min rate | For example, buy a Dublin phone number and call out with your local 353-1XXXXXXXX number as ther Caller-ID (CID)
  • * Toll-free numbers have a per min rate that gets charged regardless of your forwarding settings (inquire for more details)