Pay for the phone number, not users.

Dollar price tag

Starting at $2.95 per month for most countries

  • Fixed price based on the country of the phone number
  • Included is unlimited incoming when you answer with any VoIP solution
  • Forward FlyNumber calls to a regular phone number or make outgoing calls- there is an additional per min rate
  • Use our cloud-based PBX phone system with your FlyNumber(s) for an additional $14.95 a month
  • No hidden fees | Cancel anytime | Never any contracts
  • Set paypal or a credit card to auto-bill account | Or just manually add funds as you please (you can set low balance notifications)

Specific pricing for each country and city on our virtual phone numbers page

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You've Got Options

  • Send the calls to a regular phone number for a low per min rate
  • Add multiple phone numbers to the same account
  • Port in your current phone number for free (Sweden and Switzerland numbers have one time charge)
  • Make outgoing calls for a low per min rate | For example, buy a Dublin phone number and call out with your local 353-1XXXXXXXX number as ther Caller-ID (CID)
  • * Toll-free numbers have a per min rate that gets charged regardless of your forwarding settings (inquire for more details)
  • Out of stock area codes