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Local U.S. Phone Numbers

Unlimited Incoming for $2.95 a Month - (via the internet - VoiP, SIP, your smartphone, etc.)*

Use any device, software, our phone system or your own solution

  • Local phone numbers all over the USA | Use the number as the outgoing Caller-ID
  • Optional phone system to manage calls ( IVR/Menu, Time-based routing, voicemail etc.)
  • Send calls to multiple places - Smartphone| Regular phone number | VoIP | SIP
  • The US dominates as far as telecom infrastructure | With us, your phone number will provide crystal clear call quality (subject to your internet/device/software
  • We have phone numbers in hundreds of US cities and area codes | Works great if you're a marketer (Hello real estate people)
  • No hidden fee's | Cancel anytime | You own the phone number
  • All U.S. phone numbers come with incoming SMS/text. We'll email you the texts as they come in

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Possible use cases for a US virtual number

  • If you're like the majority of our users, you have an online business based in the US and want a phone number for the company (sales, support number etc.)
  • Are you a craigslist poster? - Use a US FlyNumber to protect your personal phone number from being exposed
  • Do you sell leads in Detroit? Run political campaigns in DC? - Manage and track bulk phone numbers easily
  • Concerned about privacy? - Buy a US FlyNumber as a "2nd " phone line for non-personal calls you'd like to separate
  • Family and friends you'd like to stay in touch with - Give them a local US number and route the calls as you please
  • If you're a dentist office in Atlanta and need callers to hear a menu or a pizza shop in Brooklyn that needs the calls answered immediately - we can help
  • Budget entrepreneurs looking to just “have a phone number” for their contact us page
  • Get a US phone number even if you're outside the states - Some Examples:
  • - Perhaps you're looking for a job and want a local number for recruiters and companies
  • - If you're moving to the US and need to stay in touch with your real estate broker
  • - You have clients or customers in the US and want to make it easier to stay in touch with them-incoming / outgoing calls using the US line

Core features with every US virtual phone number

  • At it’s core you’ll always have 3 options with a US FlyNumber:
  • 1.) Forward US FlyNumber calls to any mobile or landline in the world (a regular phone number/PSTN)
  • Core feature - Change the phone number where you want to send the calls to via the FlyNumber panel
  • No phone system involved when using direct phone number forwarding
  • Anytime the system sends calls to a phone number, there is a low per min rate
  • 2.) Cloud Phone System
  • You’ll have the option of using the phone system with your US number ( incoming/outgoing calls )
  • Keypress Menu | Call Record | On-hold | Time/CLI-based routing | SIP Accounts | Voicemail | and more
  • Within the phone system itself, core features (1. and 3.) are significantly more advanced
  • Use the phone system to make outgoing calls [ Detailed guide ] with your US virtual number as the Caller-ID
  • 3.) Set incoming U.S. phone number calls to SIP
  • Core feature - set the US FlyNumber to any SIP (URI/host)
  • Phone system not involved | Update settings via panel | Logs (OK and failed calls)
  • Set the US DID number to your own solution - Elastix | 3CX | Asterisk | FreePBX | FreeSwitch | OpenSips, among others
  • There are no additional charges when receiving calls this way - $2.95 and unlimited incoming minutes
  • Side Note: US numbers will automatically forward SMS/text to an email address (Short code SMS not guaranteed)

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Optional Cloud-based Phone System

Optional Cloud-based Phone System

  • All our US Phone Numbers are $2.95 a month* - the phone system is an additional $13 per month. Total would be $15.95 a month.
  • This is all you would pay If you were to only use the internet to receive phone calls ( for instance a smartphone app or VoIP desktop phone ) . So you could have 5 different FlyNumbers all going to 10 different SIP accounts (users).
  • Note: If you make outgoing SIP calls or forward calls to a regular phone number - there is a low per min rate charge depending where you’re calling or what phone number you’re sending the calls to.
  • Call Menu | Call Recording | SIP Accounts | Direct Phone Number Forwarding | Time-based routing | Blocklist | Call Queue, and much more
  • Add Multiple Phone Numbers: Each FlyNumber can have its own call flow, independent of one another or working in tandem.
  • Let’s say you own a business with multiple support numbers, your Philadelphia phone number would go to a IVR/call menu during working east coast hours and the London,UK phone support to the specified agents or vice vera. Endless Scenarios.

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*Excluding NYC 212/718 and Toll-free