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Per minute rates

Rates for call forwarding to a standard phone number and outgoing calls

  • *** If you're using the latest version of our phone system - please see these rates ***
  • These rates apply when you forward your FlyNumber to a regular phone number
  • The main scenarios where this would apply:
  • You forward FlyNumber calls to any regular phone number. For instance, you have a Uk FlyNumber and you forward the calls to an American mobile. It would be .01 to send the calls to any USA phone number.
  • You make outgoing calls with the phone system. Within the phone system canvas there is a module labeled “ring group”, this is where SIP accounts are created and edited.
  • Rates are rounded up to the nearest minute. The “clock” starts once the FlyNumber system connects, so if the call goes straight to a regular phone numbers’ voicemail - it would start changing once that VM picks up.
  • The per min rate is taken from your prepaid balance. You can set a credit card to auto-fill when it falls below a certain threshold or set the system to notify you instead.
  • You can also find the rate by entering the phone number you will forward calls to (or perhaps a # you'll call often)

PSTN rates

Select country:
Country Network Prefix Cost per minute
Afghanistan Roshan Mobile 9379 0.2280 USD
Etisalat Mobile 9378 0.2160 USD
Areeba Mobile 9377 0.2400 USD
Awcc Mobile 9370 0.2280 USD
Mobile 937 0.2280 USD
Landline 93 0.2160 USD
Albania Amc Landline 35589 0.2090 USD
Amc Landline 35588 0.2090 USD
Amc Landline 35587 0.2040 USD
Amc Landline 35586 0.2090 USD
Amc Landline 35585 0.2090 USD
Amc Landline 35584 0.2090 USD
Amc Landline 35583 0.2090 USD
Amc Landline 35582 0.2090 USD
Amc Landline 35581 0.2090 USD
Amc Landline 35572 0.2090 USD
Vodafone Mobile 35569 0.4680 USD
Amc Mobile 35568 0.4090 USD
Eagle Mobile 35567 0.4980 USD
Mobile Plus 35566 0.4820 USD