We’re open to external SIP providers

You'll always have the option of taking your FlyNumber and setting it to a different VoIP / SIP provider. They come in many shapes and forms, apps to servers and everything else in-between.

Some examples include Voipwise, Voipcheap, and that entire network of VoIP apps. They’re basically all the same service but with different labels. Keep in mind that we would be handling the incoming leg of the call - the outgoing would be them.

You can also set the FlyNumber (aka DID number) to some external software. Something like 3CX or Asterisk. Although these guys aren’t technically “SIP providers” - it’s still unlimited minutes to any SIP URI.

More details on the call forwarding page

This is a legacy list of 3rd party VoIP providers to which we can forward the calls to using just your username.