Communication made simple

  • Free forwarding to SIP /VOIP or smartphone
  • No annoying PINS or Calling Cards
  • No extra fee's or surcharges
  • No contract or obligation
  • Full blown hosted Virtual Phone System / PBX

True Freedom for Your Phone Number | FlyNumber

Here at FlyNumber we’d like to think of our phone numbers as “Open Source”. You can take our DID Numbers as they’re sometimes called and send the calls anywhere. When we say “anywhere” we don’t just mean any city or any phone number, we also mean any device. Send the calls to SIP , Trixbox, Asterisk or choose from a slew of predefined VOIP provider’s we happen to already know about. You can edit all these settings anytime via your account Dashboard.

Simple Call Forwarding

Call forwarding can’t get any simpler. Sign up for a virtual number from any country/city in our inventory and forward phone calls anywhere you’d like. This simple feature opens possibilities in communicating you never thought you had, you now have the ability to own a phone number in your native country and send the calls wherever you’d like. You can also change the forwarding destinations anytime once you’re a member.

Service Quality and Reliability

We are constantly looking for the best ways to route calls and give you the most inexpensive options while keeping the highest standards in voice quality. We take any feedback regarding a poor phone call very seriously and investigate thoroughly.

Multiple Phone Numbers and Bulk Orders

If you need to order virtual numbers in bulk we can also help you. We don’t place any restrictions on how many numbers you can buy but let us know if you plan on getting a high number as we can adjust your account so that any new orders approve instantly.

FlyNumber uses the latest technology to connect an International Virtual Number and forward it to the destination of your choice. Everything is routed via VOIP so you pay the absolute cheapest rates.

  • High quality audio transmission
  • Changing forwarding as often as you'd like
  • Forwarding changes you make are instant
  • Cancel anytime
  • You own the phone number