(Local) Virtual Phone Numbers

In over 50 different countries and 500 cities
  • Phone numbers in over 50 different countries and 500 cities
  • Our numbers can be forwarded to VoIP, our pbx or your own solution
  • The core of our product will always be the phone number itself
  • Whether you need a phone number for your London bakery or a phone number in 7 different countries for your start-up in New York, we can help
  • The core of the product will always be the phone number itself
  • Great if you do marketing, real estate or you're an "international" company | Add multiple phone numbers
  • Use your phone number as the outgoing Caller-ID | Unlimited incoming via VOIP ( ie an iOS or Android app)
  • Set calls to our Cloud Phone System or your own (More info: Call Forwarding | VoIP)
  • No hidden fees | Cancel anytime | No Contracts | Port in a Phone number
  • SMS/Text messages are sent to your email only when using one of our SMS enabled numbers
Pricing and Country Specific Details

Pricing and Country Specific Details

  • Each country we carry phone numbers in is subject to a different set of specific details
  • Some may require proof of address in the city you want a phone number (ex: Italy, Germany) while others may require nothing ( Brazil, US, CA, UK, Finland..)
  • Prices for each country are also different, sometimes area codes within the country itself can differ
  • All the phone numbers (i.e. DID numbers for the techie's) come with 2 incoming channels


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What is a Virtual Phone Number according to FlyNumber?

  • It's just like a "regular" phone number , the only difference is that it's provided from the carriers to work over the internet
  • Sometimes referred to as an incoming DID number
  • You pay a monthly rate for this number and you own it
  • Each one includes the ability to forward to our Phone System or VOIP / SIP for free with unlimited minutes

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