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Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh *Metered* - $19.95 per month

  • Keep in mind these are "metered",thats 0.09 per min for any Vietnam calls calling this FlyNumber.
  • Forward incoming calls to any global landline or mobile number, adjusting settings on the go as needed.
  • Tap into our hosted PBX system for advanced features like IVR, voice menus, call recording, and more. It's optional, but it takes your capabilities up a notch.
  • Want to go digital? Set your Vietnam number straight to VoIP. Enjoy unlimited incoming minutes and use it with your favorite VoIP solutions.
  • We're all about making life easier. No fuss, no pins, no usernames. Just cost-effective, simple phone calls, wherever you are in the world.
  • Tailor your communication needs to any situation, whether it's business or personal, with our flexible settings.
  • Experience a new and affordable way of making and receiving calls without dealing with expensive international rates or complicated apps.
  • Whether you're a freelancer, small business, or a global corporation, our service adapts to your needs, giving you a local presence in Vietnam with freedom to be anywhere

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Every Vietnam Phone Number Comes with Three Core Options

  • 1. Route your Vietnam FlyNumber to any standard phone number
  • This is a fundamental FlyNumber feature that can be updated "on the fly" (pun intended) via your panel
  • There's no need for a PBX or phone system with this option
  • Whenever our system has to route calls to a standard phone number, a minimal per minute rate applies
  • Learn more about call forwarding

  • 2. Pair the FlyNumber with our cloud-based PBX
  • This is an optional feature. You can always revert to one of the other core options (1. Standard Phone or 3. Voip/SIP)
  • The cost is $14.95 a month, in addition to the price of the Vietnam phone number (displayed at the top of the page)
  • If you route to a standard phone number and/or make outgoing calls, a per minute rate is applicable
  • Features include IVR/Voice Menu, Call Recording, On-Hold/Queue, Time-based routing, SIP Accounts, Voicemail, and more
  • The PBX significantly enhances the core features (1. and 3.)
  • You can use the PBX to make outgoing calls with your virtual phone number
  • Learn more about the phone system

  • 3. Directly link the Vietnam virtual phone number to VoIP
  • This is a fundamental FlyNumber feature - link the Vietnam phone number to any SIP address (URI/host)
  • No PBX involved | Instantly update settings | Detailed logs (including failed attempts)
  • Using the SIP protocol (VoIP) may be the most efficient way to handle calls, as it involves the least number of "hops"
  • Your Vietnam FlyNumber is compatible with 3CX, Asterisk, FreePBX, FreeSwitch, and other VoIP solutions
  • There are no extra charges for receiving calls this way - Unlimited incoming minutes
  • Link your Vietnam DID phone number to one of our "easy setup" voip providers
  • Each FlyNumber includes 2 incoming channels (with the option to purchase more in the near future)
  • Learn more about using VoIP

Buy a Vietnam virtual phone number in 3 easy steps

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1.) Choose a country and city for your phone number

2.) How would you like to use the FlyNumber? (change this anytime)

3.) Configuration Options

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Technical info on Vietnam phone numbers

Vietnamese phone numbers are composed of 10 digits, with the first three digits indicating the area code. The area code is often used when making calls from outside the country. The most common area codes in Vietnam are 24 for Hanoi, 28 for Ho Chi Minh City, and 23 for Hai Phong.

To make a call within Vietnam, you simply dial the remaining seven digits after the area code. Mobile phone numbers in Vietnam begin with either 09 or 03. To call a mobile phone from within Vietnam, you dial the 10-digit mobile number without the area code.


  • Wasn't the internet supposed to make phone calls more affordable?
  • FlyNumber works great if you just launched a start-up and you're on a shoestring budget
  • Is your business already off the ground but you'd rather not spend hundreds of dollars a month on phone service?
  • We come from a "mom and pop" type background, rooted in the international diversity that is NYC. We understand business.
  • Buy multiple international local phone numbers and manage them all from your FlyNumber account

Family and friends

  • Stay in touch with family and friends by giving them a phone number "local to them"
  • For example you have friends or family in the U.S. but now live elsewhere, you can give them a US FlyNumber that forwards directly to your smartphone
  • Great for expats that want to stay in touch with friends and family from their hometown
  • Give family members who aren't tech-savvy an easy way to reach you no matter where you are
  • Grandma or Grandpa would love a simple local phone number they can dial that connects them to their loved ones

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Why choose FlyNumber?

  • You "own" the Vietnam phone number, you can port out if necessary
  • No obligations | Cancel anytime | Never any hidden fee's | No contracts
  • You're billed based on the phone number, not users or agents
  • Detailed call logs that you can export to CSV, we don't retain the logs past a certain point
  • Logs include multiple responses - Ok (connected), declined, timeout, internal server error, request terminated and more
  • Set a credit card/Paypal for recurring billing or add funds manually to your prepaid balance
  • Easily add multiple phone numbers to your account
  • Starting at $2.95 a month for U.S numbers as well as Canada, the U.K. and others

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* If you use an app (ie VoIP), it's unlimited incoming using this method.