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SMS Forwarding is Here*

First, we must thank our current users for their patience while we implemented this feature. Its been live for a couple of weeks now and glad to report its working well.

Currently, it’s enabled for all new orders automatically, current users will need to send us an email or open a ticket requesting we enable it on their number (s).

* Here is a list of all the numbers where you can have SMS forwarding to email enabled.

How it Works

It’s simple, an SMS message comes in on your FlyNumber, we automatically forward the following to the email on file.

  • The FlyNumber the SMS was sent to
  • The phone number the SMS came from
  • The date and time the SMS was sent
  • The actual SMS message

You can change the email to send the SMS messages in My account > My FlyNumbers ( Click details on the FlyNumber )

You can also disable the SMS to email feature or set to a different email for all the numbers on your account in My account > My details.

This comes with every SMS enabled number for free.

Look out for more neat features soon….

News and Updates

A much-needed update

Our blog has been on the back burner for quite some time. Over recent years, most of our public communications have come via the discussion forum.

Much like phone numbers, the blog has no replacement =)

Over the past couple of months, we’ve gone through some tough growing pains. Updates, new software, security enhancements, and more. Most of it’s internal, no real fluff for us to show at the moment but very needed. Now that most of the boring but necessary updates have been completed we look forward to sharing some great new features and services.


We know many of you have been waiting for ages to see this, your patience is very much appreciated. We’ll have SMS forwarding to your email on file shortly. This will work by default and on all accounts for no additional charge. The SMS for that FlyNumber will just forward to the email on file, you can opt-out of any numbers you don’t want to receive SMS on. Keep in mind this will only function if your number is SMS enabled. ( all USA, Canada, Israeli mobile, Poland mobile, Denmark Mobile, etc ) More on this soon.

HTML 5 ready Phone System

As many of you know, Adobe flash is almost dead. By the end of the year, Google Chrome will cease its support for the technology. We’ll have a much more robust HTML 5 ready version of the phone system soon. Many many more features that deserve a separate post.

and more…

Updated invoicing, increased channel capacity, full toll-free number availability, highly desirable “gold” number options, and device how-to guides are just some of the neat additions coming FlyNunbers’ way.

How To

How to use your FlyNumber SIP account to make and receive calls on a PC

Here’s a great way to make and receive calls with your FlyNumber(s) using a free PC SIP phone/client.

This is also a great method to test your FlyNumber SIP account and make sure it registers successfully with our servers.

1.)    Download a Sip client on your PC, here we’ll use the free Blink SIP client.

2.)    Setup a SIP account/device on your FlyNumber PBX/ Virtual Phone System, our full PBX guide can be found here.

You should first make sure your FlyNumber is pointed to the PBX from the My account > My FlyNumbers page. You then open your PBX panel and attach the “Phone number” module to the “Person module” ,then choose to create a New Device in the person module.

3.)    Enter your SIP credentials into the Blink software.

Go to Blink > Accounts > Add account …

Choose “Add an existing SIP account” and for SIP address use the credentials you pulled from the PBX panel. In this case the SIP address is [email protected] and your password is the password from the SIP device you created, NOT your FlyNumber account password.

4.)    Go to Blink > Accounts > Manage accounts and click the “Media Tab” – check that PCMU is on top as this is the G711 ulaw codec we prefer.

5.) Go to Blink > Preferences and then click the “Media” tab. Set the “sRTP Encryption” to Disabled

You’re now ready to make and receive calls with the software, incoming calls should work right away and to make outgoing call just enter a number in the “Search Contacts or Enter Address “ field. You’re account will need funds in the prepaid balance as outgoing calls have a low per min rate.

Please don’t dial out with 00, 011,0 or + before the number. More info on the format to dial out here.

Once your SIP Client/Phone is registered OK you’ll see the indicator in your person module turn green.

If you’re having trouble registering it could be your network or firewall. Please make sure you entered the info correctly, it’s case sensitive. Try to ping the SIP server from the same computer you’re trying to register from. In the above example I would ping

You can ping on a Windows PC by going to Start and entering “cmd” without the quotations. Then enter the command ping . If it times out or there is a different error please contact us to take a look.


A word on skype forwarding and using multiple devices

Skype forwarding is no more, unless you use ” Skype connect” which they charge for. This would give you a SIP URI and we can send calls there

Old post just for reference

Many of you have already noticed the new Skype forwarding method added a couple weeks ago to the PBX / Virtual Phone System. It was released with little fanfare because it’s still in beta and constantly being tweaked. As of this post its working well, the forwarding connection is established quickly and in most cases it’s about 1-2 seconds after clicking answer that the audio come through nice n’ clear. This doesn’t mean there’s a delay while speaking to the other party, we actually found little to no delay at all. There are a couple prerequisites for Skype forwarding too.

If Skype does go down it’s usually brief , some symptoms are 1 way audio or poor quality. With that being said, our suggestion would be to use Skype forwarding in conjunction with other forwarding methods, this is called ring group and/or ring hunt. SIP forwarding would be the most reliable and still save you money , you can use any device to answer the calls and you’d just pay the monthly rate for the local phone number– free unlimited incoming minutes. We can provide the SIP information, you just need a SIP client to answer the calls. It doesn’t matter what device or OS you’re using, google ” Your device/OS “+ SIP client and I guarantee you there’s a SIP client for your device.

The above image is an example of what I’m talking about – When someone calls the 347 New York or Israeli number it will ring my Acrobits SIP app and Skype (running on my PC) for the first 30 seconds at the same time, then it will ring my mobile phone for 30 seconds. If I answer with my mobile phone its .03 per min ( when we forward to a “Phone number” there is a low per min rate and you’d need funds in your prepaid balance). If I don’t answer at all it plays a greeting (you can upload or record one) and sends the voicemail as an attachment.

If you have any questions go ahead and comment or send us an email/ticket.

News and Updates

New Internal SIP addresses for Incoming/Outgoing calls and a great SIP client for iPhone and Android

Now anytime anyone calls your FlyNumber you can answer the calls for free with unlimited incoming minutes on your iPhone or Android, when you make an outgoing call you’ll pay our low per minute rate and have your FlyNumber show up as the Caller-ID. 

This has been the most anticipated feature coming out of our PBX/ Virtual Phone System; it will enable you to register a SIP device/client with our own internal SIP addresses.  No need to use a 3rd party VOIP provider, just choose a phone number and send the calls to our “PBX”.  You’ll have the ability to register multiple devices and use our legendary PBX Grid to configure your configuration.  It’s never been easier to make and receive phone calls with your FlyNumber.

The Caller-ID feature is also pretty neat.  You’ll have the standard feature where you can assign a FlyNumber to an outgoing caller ID for a SIP account. So for example: you call out on SIP account A your UK number shows up as the outgoing caller ID and when you make an outgoing call on SIP account B your Spain Phone number shows up as the caller ID.  Well ,what happens if you have multiple international FlyNumbers and call all over the place but want to deal with just 1 SIP account?… we got you covered.

This new never before seen feature will allow you to call anywhere in the world and have the correct Caller- ID show up depending on which country you dial . For example, you have a BrazilCanada and USA FlyNumber, when you call any USA phone number your USA FlyNumber will appear on the caller ID, the same goes for when you call a Brazilian phone number- your Brazil FlyNumber shows up as the Caller- ID.

How to Setup with a SIP client on your iPhone or Android phone

My new favorite SIP client is the Acrobits SIP client for iPhone and Android – $6.99 and worth every penny. If for no other reason, buy the app for its ability to receive phone calls while being completely off. The number one issue with many other SIP clients is battery life; you need to keep the app running in the background to receive phone calls.  Not here, if you’re not making outgoing calls at the moment  just shut down the app and you’ll still receive the phone calls via push notifications.

First you need to get the SIP account from your PBX/ Virtual Phone System on your FlyNumber Account.  Log on to your PBX Grid and drag a “Persons” module onto your grid, Enter a name> and then choose VOIP > Device.

It then displays your SIP credentials( as seen below) , keep in mind it’s not active until you save and finish creating the module.

Here is how that information looks on the Acrobit “Generic SIP Account” setup. Pretty simple.

Here ‘s a screen shot of my configuration in the FlyNumber PBX, I have the 347 Phone number attached to my SIP account, and if I don’t answer it goes into voicemail.

The only setting you may want to tinker with on the app are the codecs, especially if you experience issues. Try keeping G711 ulaw as the preferred code

3rd Party VOIP General

One of our favorite SIP clients for iPhone and Android Mobile devices

It’s been a while since we’ve updated the blog, our apologies . We’ve been very busy updating the “internals”, we’re about to introduce FlyNumber SIP addresses among other neat features.  The exterior may look the same but there’s plenty going on inside. We’re coming out with new features almost every quarter and the PBX/ Virtual phone system is evolving very nicely. You need to try it out if you haven’t already, it’s visually appealing and the grid gives you a real sense of customization.

There are a handful of quality SIP clients available for IOS and Android devices nowadays. I tried zoiper, media5 and the 3CX IPhone SIP client, the 3CX app was promising but on the latest iPhone 5 (6.02 firmware)  it would lose connection and the calls wouldn’t come in after a couple minutes of the phone being asleep.

That brings me to the modestly priced $7.99 Bria SIP phone from Counterpath. These are the same guys who developed the popular x-lite softphone for Windows; they know what they’re doing. The app runs well in the background and doesn’t seem to drain battery. I like how it lists the missed and placed calls along with seamlessly integrating with my iPhone contacts.

To set this up with us you’ll need to forward your FlyNumber to a SIP account which is registered on the Bria App. Easiest way is to get a free account and register that info in the Bria VOIP app. On the Bria app when you enter the sip2sip info the username is your sip2sip username without the , the password is the one you received in the sign up email and the domain is

General How To

How to use your iOS, Android or Windows Phone to receive unlimited incoming calls

Look at it as a “second line” on your smartphone without any minute restrictions or contracts. I’ve found this method to be the most reliable without a doubt; using apps like Skype just don’t cut it. You can set this up a couple different ways; one example would be to use a combination of iOS or Android devices to manage the calls coming in on your FlyNumber. I use my iPhone and iPad as an example below.

You’ll need to send your FlyNumber to a SIP address; luckily you can get one for free from ( we also now provide SIP credentials using our phone system )

Once you sign up and have your username with sip2sip set your local phone number to forward the calls to Easy Config/ ITSP , choose sip2sip from the list of providers and enter your username. This can be done in a couple places, when you first sign up you can choose “Easy Config” and select sip2sip from the dropdown, or you can send it to the PBX and go into the PBX to configure the sip2sip information.

More on this later.

Light and easy to configure – Zoiper

A SIP client needs to be installed on each device you want receiving phone calls. I’ve tested it with Zoiper, it’s light and easy to setup, not to mention you can use it across different operating systems. You can also keep the app running in the background.

How it all comes together for you

Each of you has different reasons for owning a FlyNumber so the way you manage the calls will also vary. If you want the calls to hit your 1 device and go into the sip2sip voicemail system then all you do is send the FlyNumber directly to the sip2sip username from our ITSP list and setup the sip2sip username and password in the zoiper settings on the smartphone.

If you’re the creative type you can use the FlyNumber beta PBX to route calls and have it try multiple devices before hitting a custom voicemail. NOTE: You’ll have to log onto your account and set the ‘Forwarding” to “No diversion” for all the drop downs.  In my example, I have my phone calls going to my iPad then my iPhone and finally a voicemail that gets sent to and email address.

Works great!

News and Updates

Beta Virtual Phone System released with Voicemail, Call Menus, Hunt/ Ring Groups

Due to overwhelming demand we’ve decided to release our Virtual PBX to the public while it’s still in Beta. Keep in mind we haven’t increased any of our prices, so you can enjoy using the PBX for free and without any restrictions. If at any point the PBX needs to make an outgoing phone call to a regular phone number (Not Skype, VOIP, G-Talk , Asterisk etc.) you’ll need more than  $1 in your account for it to connect. The interface may seem daunting at first but after some time getting used to the “in’s and outs’” you’ll come to appreciate the different scenarios the interface has to offer.

It was built with flexibility in mind, if you’re looking to stay in touch with family and friends using different devices and accounts you’ll love this. It’s sort of a 3rd party extension to your favorite VOIP application or device. Some of the features include mix and match different forwarding options, add voicemail to email, blacklist phone numbers. Combine our voicemail system with device or VOIP software.

Another neat feature to come out of the PBX is the ability to make outgoing phone calls with it. Choose a local phone number and use it as an “access phone number” to make international calls. Works great if you’re traveling too- just buy a phone number in the country you’re visiting, choose a PIN for the number and now you can call anywhere in the world while you’re abroad using your FlyNumber Balance.

Here’s a technical how to guide o how you can use the interface.

You’ll need to run it on a PC or Mac with Adobe Flash. You’ll also need a microphone hooked up to your PC to record voicemail greetings, voice menu’s etc.

It’s very much still in Beta so please keep that in mind when learning to use it. We definitely plan on making it more “user friendly” so bear with us.

How To

How an Incoming Phone Number with CallCentric gets you unlimited calls [Updated]

Using an Actual Phone

You can use a softphone but I like having a physical phone and use the sturdy Polycom SoundPoint 601 to make and receive phone calls. It does the job and I guess once your accustomed to a system you don’t want to bother with anything else. I’ve been around these Polycom phones for years, all because of a Southern USA “early adopter” of VOIP and programmer recommended them- I guess it’s been Polycom ever since.

What You’ll Need :



-CallCentric Account

Putting it All Together

If you haven’t already you should choose a FlyNumber first, you can pick from over 700 different cities.  You can get a phone number in Niagara Falls or maybe in Brazil, wherever and as many as you’d like.

Get a CallCentric account and add some funds. I use it for outgoing calls on my Polycom and keep a steady balance, but you can use it for receiving calls on your FlyNumber for free.  Just choose Callcentric under ITSP when you Sign Up and put your Callcentric number in the details field.

In Conclusion 

You pay the flat rate price for a virtual phone number (Without any Setup Fee’s) , and you get unlimited calls from that phone number to your desktop phone with Caller ID.

Update 5-15-2012

I should point out that using CallCentric is an option, I used it to register my SIP Phone but you can use Sip2Sip or any SIP address and it should work fine.

3rd Party VOIP

VOIP Provider Spotlight – VoipWise

We like VoipWise because its simple, easy and free. You download the application, login or signup if you don’t have an account and you’re done. The calls get forwarded to your VoipWise account and ring right to your PC or MAC.

The calls seem to connect instantly or in about a second. The Voipwise application seems pretty light and runs without any issues on a basic PC setup. One of its best features is its ability to call multiple destinations for free without any strings attached. I would check them out if your looking for a simple effective VOIP solution for a standard PC or Mac.

Voipwise is a free program that uses some of the newest technology to bring free and high-quality voice communications to people all over the world.