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Beta Virtual Phone System released with Voicemail, Call Menus, Hunt/ Ring Groups

Jan 2 2023 Update: We have since moved on to an even better virtual phone system, Version 2. More here

Due to overwhelming demand we’ve decided to release our Virtual PBX to the public while it’s still in Beta. Keep in mind we haven’t increased any of our prices, so you can enjoy using the PBX for free and without any restrictions. If at any point the PBX needs to make an outgoing phone call to a regular phone number (Not Skype, VOIP, G-Talk , Asterisk etc.) you’ll need more than  $1 in your account for it to connect. The interface may seem daunting at first but after some time getting used to the “in’s and outs’” you’ll come to appreciate the different scenarios the interface has to offer.

Shipping box with blue glowing cloud inside it
Box with cloud

It was built with flexibility in mind, if you’re looking to stay in touch with family and friends using different devices and accounts you’ll love this. It’s sort of a 3rd party extension to your favorite VOIP application or device. Some of the features include mix and match different forwarding options, add voicemail to email, blacklist phone numbers. Combine our voicemail system with device or VOIP software.

Another neat feature to come out of the PBX is the ability to make outgoing phone calls with it. Choose a local phone number and use it as an “access phone number” to make international calls. Works great if you’re traveling too- just buy a phone number in the country you’re visiting, choose a PIN for the number and now you can call anywhere in the world while you’re abroad using your FlyNumber Balance.

You’ll need to run it on a PC or Mac with Adobe Flash. You’ll also need a microphone hooked up to your PC to record voicemail greetings, voice menu’s etc.

It’s very much still in Beta so please keep that in mind when learning to use it. We definitely plan on making it more “user friendly” so bear with us.

By Nader Jaber

Helping people communicate while trying to improve as a communicator myself.

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