VOIP Provider Spotlight – VoipWise

We like VoipWise because its simple, easy and free. You download the application, login or signup if you don’t have an account and you’re done. The calls get forwarded to your VoipWise account and ring right to your PC or MAC.

Logo for the company voipwise
Voipwise logo

The calls seem to connect instantly or in about a second. The Voipwise application seems pretty light and runs without any issues on a basic PC setup. One of its best features is its ability to call multiple destinations for free without any strings attached. I would check them out if your looking for a simple effective VOIP solution for a standard PC or Mac.

Voipwise is a free program that uses some of the newest technology to bring free and high-quality voice communications to people all over the world.

By Nader Jaber

Helping people communicate while trying to improve as a communicator myself.

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