One of our favorite SIP clients for iPhone and Android Mobile devices

It’s been a while since we’ve updated the blog, our apologies . We’ve been very busy updating the “internals”, we’re about to introduce FlyNumber SIP addresses among other neat features.  The exterior may look the same but there’s plenty going on inside. We’re coming out with new features almost every quarter and the PBX/ Virtual phone system is evolving very nicely. You need to try it out if you haven’t already, it’s visually appealing and the grid gives you a real sense of customization.

There are a handful of quality SIP clients available for IOS and Android devices nowadays. I tried zoiper, media5 and the 3CX IPhone SIP client, the 3CX app was promising but on the latest iPhone 5 (6.02 firmware)  it would lose connection and the calls wouldn’t come in after a couple minutes of the phone being asleep.

That brings me to the modestly priced $7.99 Bria SIP phone from Counterpath. These are the same guys who developed the popular x-lite softphone for Windows; they know what they’re doing. The app runs well in the background and doesn’t seem to drain battery. I like how it lists the missed and placed calls along with seamlessly integrating with my iPhone contacts.

To set this up with us you’ll need to forward your FlyNumber to a SIP account which is registered on the Bria App. Easiest way is to get a free account and register that info in the Bria VOIP app. On the Bria app when you enter the sip2sip info the username is your sip2sip username without the , the password is the one you received in the sign up email and the domain is

iPhone with Bria intro splash screen being displayed
Bria app

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