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How to use your FlyNumber SIP account to make and receive calls on a PC

Here’s a great way to make and receive calls with your FlyNumber(s) using a free PC SIP phone/client.

This is also a great method to test your FlyNumber SIP account and make sure it registers successfully with our servers.

1.)    Download a Sip client on your PC, here we’ll use the free Blink SIP client.

2.)    Setup a SIP account/device on your FlyNumber PBX/ Virtual Phone System, our full PBX guide can be found here.

You should first make sure your FlyNumber is pointed to the PBX from the My account > My FlyNumbers page. You then open your PBX panel and attach the “Phone number” module to the “Person module” ,then choose to create a New Device in the person module.

3.)    Enter your SIP credentials into the Blink software.

Go to Blink > Accounts > Add account …

Choose “Add an existing SIP account” and for SIP address use the credentials you pulled from the PBX panel. In this case the SIP address is and your password is the password from the SIP device you created, NOT your FlyNumber account password.

4.)    Go to Blink > Accounts > Manage accounts and click the “Media Tab” – check that PCMU is on top as this is the G711 ulaw codec we prefer.

5.) Go to Blink > Preferences and then click the “Media” tab. Set the “sRTP Encryption” to Disabled

You’re now ready to make and receive calls with the software, incoming calls should work right away and to make outgoing call just enter a number in the “Search Contacts or Enter Address “ field. You’re account will need funds in the prepaid balance as outgoing calls have a low per min rate.

Please don’t dial out with 00, 011,0 or + before the number. More info on the format to dial out here.

Once your SIP Client/Phone is registered OK you’ll see the indicator in your person module turn green.

If you’re having trouble registering it could be your network or firewall. Please make sure you entered the info correctly, it’s case sensitive. Try to ping the SIP server from the same computer you’re trying to register from. In the above example I would ping

You can ping on a Windows PC by going to Start and entering “cmd” without the quotations. Then enter the command ping . If it times out or there is a different error please contact us to take a look.

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