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Since the site upgrade I haven’t really had a chance to write anything- super busy around here. It would seem our techs got all the bugs out. All links should work and orders renewing on their own should be ok as well. The site is run using a cache so if you haven’t cleared your cache in the last week and still have issues logging in I would try clearing your cache.

Now that I got that out of the way let me tell you what we plan on doing. Our core is “virtual numbers” , I’ve never liked how that sounds. It reminds me of a URL someone would register in 1998.

The truth is they work well, consumers just don’t know. That’s what FlyNumber intends to do. I hate to be vague but some pretty neat features are in the works. I’d like to see our platform across multiple networks, not just Skype and Gtalk.

Right now we just want it working well, before we get to the bells and whistles I want everyone to enjoy quality service, after all this is a phone call.

By Nader Jaber

Helping people communicate while trying to improve as a communicator myself.

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