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Use SIP2SIP to receive unlimited incoming calls on your FlyNumber

If you haven’t noticed already we’ve updated our phone system. It’s a powerful system and could be “too much” for some. ( We still suggest you check it out)

You can still receive unlimited calls on your local number using VoIP/ SIP without our phone system.

Here we’ll suggest sip2sip, it’s free and simple to sign up.(Check your spam/junk folder for their emails)

You can set multiple numbers to the same SIP2SIP account.

For example, you can have a number in London and a phone number in Sydney ring to the same Zoiper account

Take your account username and password ( the ones from and enter them into a SIP client , a free one for iOS and Android is Zoiper ( we really like “Groundwire” , one-time paid app but worth it)

Choose “Yes” to “Do you have a username and password”, and then “manual configuration”

You’ll only need the user, password and domain (which is


Under “Network settings” for the account you just created, change Transports to TCP and disable STUN as you see below

Final Step

You’ll need to set the forwarding on the FlyNumber side to a VOIP provider

On FlyNumber ( Under “My FlyNumbers“)

Change the forwarding to “VoIP” , screenshot below

Protocol is SIP

Host is

“details” is testingforfly (in our case)

All set, calls from your local FlyNumber will now ring to your app.

There are a bunch of settings on sip2sip you can check out as well ( voicemail etc.)