Call Forwarding Options

1.) A regular phone number

  • Buy a phone number and forward the calls to any phone number in the world
  • For example: You buy a London phone number and send the calls to a USA phone number. You'd pay $2.95 a month for the number and .01 per min
  • You pay a per min rate depending on where you send the calls
  • We pass along the Caller-ID to your forwarding number ( when available )

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2.) Set the FlyNumber directly to VoIP

  • Sending calls to any VoIP solution is included in the price of the virtual phone number
  • ( Unlimited incoming) - No per min. charge - Comes with 2 channels
  • Diagnose DID number issues with live detailed logs (ie. Server responses, failed calls)
  • We can send the calls to any SIP uri or host (SIP, IAX2, H323)
  • Using this method is highly reliable | CLI/Caller ID is passed along

Popular VoIP solutions used by our customers

Asterisk company logo


Millions of downloads yearly, Asterisk [our config], which gets it's name from the * on a dial pad is one of the most popular PBX servers in the world.

3CX logo

3CX phone system

Initially only released for Windows, 3CX now offers an impressive cross-platform PBX for medium to enterprise businesses. Very stable and comes with great support.

Check out our forum for config questions.

FreeSwitch logo

Open source FreeSWITCH

We’re big fans of FreeSWITCH, the name is derived from the traditional method of moving calls around - Switches (or tel. exchange). Scalable while at the same time simple enough to run on a Raspberry PI.

Initial release was in 2008.

FreePBX logo

Open source freePBX

An open-source graphical user interface (GUI) for the Asterisk system. The software has been around since 2004 but only started to get popular around 2013. Available in over 20 languages.

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Forum topics on call forwarding

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3.) Our Phone System

  • Use any combination of the above | Endless scenarios
  • Send the calls to a Call Menu, Voicemail, SIP account, multiple people at once and more
  • Make outgoing calls with your FlyNumber as the caller ID (CLI)
  • Integrations include Google drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, FTP/SFTP, email
  • For more info: Phone System