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  • You're either getting a new phone number from us or porting-in an existing one
  • The below forwarding options can be changed anytime via your FlyNumber panel
  • Answer the phone calls with VoIP and it's unlimited incoming minutes | Use your smartphone
  • This is also where you signup for the cloud-based phone system (set to "PBX" in below form)
  • If you set the forwarding to "phone number" the system will add $10 (you can adjust during signup) to the order for your prepaid balance
  • Accurate and responsive customer service with every account

Contract being shredded

Simple billing and no contracts

We made billing easy as pie. Each phone number is individually priced. You get the cloud phone system, and the ability to answer with an APP on any smartphone included ( unlimited minutes).

SMS enabled numbers come with free incoming SMS to email. Send the calls to a regular phone number as your primary or back up forwarding for a low per min rate.

Local and toll-free phone numbers from all over the world

*Porting in? Choose the same country and city for the number to port

1.) Choose a country and city for your phone number

2.) How would you like to use the FlyNumber? (Change this anytime)

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