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  •   No Contracts or Obligations

    Never any contracts or obligations. We give you the option to setup recurring payments and this can be canceled anytime via your control panel. There are no hidden cancellation fee's. 

  •  Configure Forwarding

    Configuring how to route your calls doesn't get any easier. Use any VOIP provider, Gtalk, Skype or our own SIP accounts. Forwarding and configuration changes are instantly updated via your panel. 

  • Virtual Phone System / PBX

    Each Flynumber comes with all our Hosted PBX features included. Features include the ability to ring multiple destinations ( at once or one after the other), Voice-mail and call menus among others.

  •  Land-line or Mobile Forwarding

    This can be used as a standalone feature or a "fail-over" to your VOIP configuration. Anytime our system needs to send the calls to a "Phone number" there is a low per min rate 

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