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Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna among others - $2.95 per month*

  • Choose from about 6 different prefixes in Bulgaria
  • Our Bulgarian phone numbers are considered high quality
  • Use VoiP (an app on your smartphone) and it's unlimited incoming minutes
  • Bulgarian numbers do not support SMS to email
  • We carry multiple cities | Sofia, Burgas, Varna and others
  • Photo ID or business registration certifcate and address in the Bulgarian city you want a number is required

Use VoIP with a Bulgaria virtual phone number among other options

  • You can use any combination of software and/or devices with your local Bulgaria phone number
  • 1. Forward the Bulgaria FlyNumber to any regular phone number

  • Core FlyNumber feature and can be updated via your panel on the "fly" (pun intended)
  • No PBX or phone system involved when using this option
  • Anytime our system needs to send calls to a regular phone number, there is a low per min rate
  • 2. Use the FlyNumber with our hosted pbx-phone system

  • This is optional. You can always go back to one of the other core options other (1. Regular Phone or 3. Voip/SIP)
  • It's $14.95 a month + the price of the Bulgaria phone number (shown top of page)
  • If you forward to a reg. phone number and/or make outgoing calls - a per min rate applies
  • IVR/Voice Menu | Record Calls | On-Hold/Queue | Time-based routing | SIP Accounts | Voicemail and more
  • Within the PBX, core features (1. and 3.) are expanded to a great degree
  • Use the PBX to make outgoing calls with your virtual phone number
  • More info on our cloud phone system

  • 3. Set the Bulgaria virtual phone number directly to VoIP

  • Core FlyNumber feature - set the Bulgaria phone number to any SIP address (URI/host)
  • PBX not involved | Update settings instantly | Detailed logs (including failed attempts)
  • Using the SIP protocal (VoIP) might be the most effecnent way of answering calls, it would involve the fewset amount of "hops"
  • Your Bulgaria FlyNumber can be used with 3CX | Asterisk | FreePBX | FreeSwitch among other VoIP solution
  • There are no additional charges when receiving calls this way - Unlimited incoming minutes
  • Every FlyNumber comes with 2 incoming channels (with the ability to purchase more soon)
  • More info on call forwarding

  • Buy a Bulgaria virtual phone number in 3 easy steps

    Hand clicking blue sign up button

    1.) Choose a country and city for your phone number

    2.) How would you like to use the FlyNumber? (change this anytime)

    (See rates)1
    (

    3.) Configuration Options

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    Technical info on Bulgarian phone numbers

    • Country Code:
    • Bulgaria's country code is 359. To call a Bulgarian phone number from outside the country, you need to dial your country's international access code (e.g., 011 for the United States) followed by the country code, and then the local number.
    • Area Codes:
    • Bulgarian area codes are 1 to 2 digits long and represent different regions within the country. Larger cities like Sofia have shorter area codes, while smaller cities and towns have longer area codes. Here are some examples:
    • Sofia: 2
    • Plovdiv: 32
    • Varna: 52
    • Burgas: 56
    • Local Numbers:
    • Local phone numbers in Bulgaria are typically 6 to 7 digits long, excluding the area code. The total number of digits in a Bulgarian phone number, including the area code, is 9. When calling from within Bulgaria, you need to dial the area code followed by the local number.
    • Mobile Numbers:
    • Mobile numbers in Bulgaria are 9 digits long and start with specific prefixes which can range from 87 to 89. Some mobile operators and their corresponding prefixes are:
    • A1 (formerly Mtel): 87, 88, and 98
    • Telenor: 89
    • Vivacom: 87
    • Special Numbers:
    • *Contact us directly for emergency service capability on your Bulgarian FlyNumber, additional fee's apply.
    • Emergency Services:
    • 112 (for Police, Fire, and Ambulance)
    • Toll-free Numbers:
    • Start with 0800, followed by a 5-digit number.
    • Please note that when dialing Bulgarian phone numbers from abroad, you should omit any leading '0' in the area code or mobile prefix.

    Icon of the Buzludzha Monument in Bulgaria

    The history behind Bulgarian phone numbers

    • Pre-1990s:
    • Before the fall of the communist regime in 1989, Bulgaria had a relatively underdeveloped telecommunications infrastructure. Telephone numbers were generally shorter, and the country's numbering plan was less structured.
    • Early 1990s:
    • As the telecommunications sector began to expand rapidly in the 1990s, the Bulgarian government recognized the need for a more organized and efficient numbering system. In 1993, they introduced a new telephone numbering plan that assigned specific area codes to different regions of the country. This plan used an open dialing format, which meant that local calls could be made without dialing the area code.
    • Late 1990s to early 2000s:
    • The introduction of mobile phones led to further changes in the numbering plan. Mobile numbers were assigned separate area codes, which began with the digit '8'. As the number of mobile phone users grew, additional codes were introduced to accommodate the increased demand.
    • 2003:
    • Bulgaria adopted the European harmonized emergency number 112, which can be dialed free of charge from any phone (landline or mobile) to reach emergency services.
    • 2009:
    • On March 31, 2009, Bulgaria switched to a closed numbering plan, which required the area code to be dialed for all calls, even within the same geographic region. This change aimed to make the numbering plan more efficient and to prepare for the introduction of new services.
    • 2011:
    • In July 2011, Bulgaria adopted the E.164 international numbering plan, which assigned the country code '+359' to all Bulgarian phone numbers. This change aimed to facilitate easier international dialing and to meet global telecommunications standards.

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