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Use VoIP with a El Salvador virtual phone number among other options

  • You can use any combination of software and/or devices with your local El Salvador phone number
  • 1. Forward the El Salvador FlyNumber to any regular phone number

  • Core FlyNumber feature and can be updated via your panel on the "fly" (pun intended)
  • No PBX or phone system involved when using this option
  • Anytime our system needs to send calls to a regular phone number, there is a low per min rate
  • 2. Use the FlyNumber with our hosted pbx-phone system

  • This is optional. You can always go back to one of the other core options other (1. Regular Phone or 3. Voip/SIP)
  • It's $14.95 a month + the price of the El Salvador phone number (shown top of page)
  • If you forward to a reg. phone number and/or make outgoing calls - a per min rate applies
  • IVR/Voice Menu | Record Calls | On-Hold/Queue | Time-based routing | SIP Accounts | Voicemail and more
  • Within the PBX, core features (1. and 3.) are expanded to a great degree
  • Use the PBX to make outgoing calls with your virtual phone number
  • More info on our cloud phone system

  • 3. Set the El Salvador virtual phone number directly to VoIP

  • Core FlyNumber feature - set the El Salvador phone number to any SIP address (URI/host)
  • PBX not involved | Update settings instantly | Detailed logs (including failed attempts)
  • Using the SIP protocal (VoIP) might be the most effecnent way of answering calls, it would involve the fewset amount of "hops"
  • Your El Salvador FlyNumber can be used with 3CX | Asterisk | FreePBX | FreeSwitch among other VoIP solution
  • There are no additional charges when receiving calls this way - Unlimited incoming minutes
  • Every FlyNumber comes with 2 incoming channels (with the ability to purchase more soon)
  • More info on call forwarding

  • Buy a El Salvador virtual phone number in 3 easy steps

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    1.) Choose a country and city for your phone number

    2.) How would you like to use the FlyNumber? (change this anytime)

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    3.) Configuration Options

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    The history behind Salvadoran phone numbers

    The history of Salvadoran phone numbers dates back to the early 1900s, when the first telephone exchanges were established in the country. In those days, telephone numbers were typically four or five digits long, and were assigned to individual subscribers based on their location and the order in which they subscribed to the service.

    As the popularity of telephones grew throughout the 20th century, the demand for phone numbers increased as well. In the 1960s, the Salvadoran government established the National Telecommunications Administration (ANTEL) to oversee the country's telecommunications infrastructure and services, including the assignment of phone numbers.

    Over time, the length and format of Salvadoran phone numbers changed to accommodate the growing number of subscribers and the introduction of new technologies. Today, Salvadoran phone numbers are typically eight digits long, with the first two digits indicating the area code for the subscriber's location. For example, the area code for San Salvador, the capital city, is 2, so phone numbers in that area would begin with 22, 23, 24, or 25.

    Icon of the Salvadoran flag

    Technical info on Salvadoran phone numbers

    El Salvador phone numbers consist of eight digits and a two-digit area code. The area code represents the geographical location of the phone number and ranges from 2 to 7. For example, San Salvador's area code is 2, while the area code for Santa Ana is 4. The first two digits of the phone number indicate the specific carrier, with Claro numbers starting with 22, 23, or 25, and Tigo numbers starting with 24 or 79.

    El Salvador phone numbers can be reached internationally by dialing the country code (+503) before the area code and phone number. Mobile phones are widely used in El Salvador, with over 90% of the population owning one. In addition, local landline calls are typically free, but long-distance and international calls may incur charges.

    The FlyNumber Forum - Topics tagged El-salvador

    Calls are not getting forwarded - SIP and Mobile

    Aug 20, 2014

    Dear Fly Support team,

    We hope you are all blessed and fine,

    I had got a flynumber few days back as solution for our business and personal calls matters, after decided to join in we made the payment by paybal and first day services was not active but next day we got the DDI number: 5078510279, till here everthin was looking nice but…

    After going on the panel, creating the persons, and conections, we did follow some forums here and we downloaded X-lite and blink, did followed the steeps but the programs are not getting connected to the PBX panel even that we introduced the SIP credentials thart we got from PBX, so that im unavailable to receive any call…please help…

    Also i will like to get some additional clarifications.

    1-If the DID number its from X country, when another third party calls to this number he will get charged as per the local X country call rates?

    2-If i forward a call from the fly numbers to Y country mobile number…then i shall have credits as the call will get charged at Y country rates?

    3-If the incoming calls are been forwarded to SIP or VOIP program then its unilimited incoming free call correct?

    4-To make any call i shall be logged in some program like acrobits on adroid or xlite and blink on PC to be available to call correct? from the PBX panel i cant does, dial or receive any call if its not through a third party VOIP provided correct?

    5-How many fly numbers can i have? can i forward from flynumber to another flynumber and then to Sip or mobile?

    I may have some questions but first need to be available to receive and forwarded call to our Sip, we mean first we need help to get the number work.

    Thanks for your time and ill wait for your kind comments, thanks.

    6 posts - 2 participants

    Read full topic

    I cannot get the forward number changed

    Aug 18, 2014

    I have changed my forwarding number and it does not forward to the new phone. The dead end calls go to my old phone number. The forwarding was changed three days ago. The new calls do not show up on the call history. I have sent three support tickets and have called the U.S. and Canada office several times and just get a voice recording. Very disappointed. Has others had this same problem?

    4 posts - 2 participants

    Read full topic

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