Entrepreneurs and the SIP protocol – [Feb, 2022]

Savvy entrepreneurs have been taking advantage of the versatility SIP has to offer since the mid-’90s. We’re excited to see more jump on board, it’s a neat alternative to the closed VoIP ecosystem. (i.e. One VoIP company app for all devices, employees etc.) For the less informed, SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is a basic, classic, […]

Forwarding the calls versus setting the calls

“Forwarding the calls” somewhere vs. setting the calls to ring somewhere are 2 different things. It may be important for you to know the difference. At our core, we’ll always offer you the ability to use the FlyNumber(s) in one of the following three ways. 1. Set the calls to a SIP URI. This can […]

[Guide] Configure Groundwire or Zoiper using our phone system

You have a phone number, now you want to use it. Here we’ll discuss getting incoming /outgoing calls on your smartphone with a virtual number (sometimes called a VOIP or DID number). This guide assumes you have: A smartphone ( iPhone or Android) A FlyNumber account (https://www.flynumber.com) with the optional phone system Decent internet, wifi, […]

A word on skype forwarding and using multiple devices

Skype forwarding is no more, unless you use ” Skype connect” which they charge for. This would give you a SIP URI and we can send calls there Old post just for reference Many of you have already noticed the new Skype forwarding method added a couple weeks ago to the PBX / Virtual Phone System. […]

One of our favorite SIP clients for iPhone and Android Mobile devices

It’s been a while since we’ve updated the blog, our apologies . We’ve been very busy updating the “internals”, we’re about to introduce FlyNumber SIP addresses among other neat features.  The exterior may look the same but there’s plenty going on inside. We’re coming out with new features almost every quarter and the PBX/ Virtual phone system is evolving […]

Google Voice is Not VOIP

So you think you’ve gamed the system and figured out a way to get unlimited free calls from an International virtual phone number to your Google voice which in turn forwards to your cell phone or landline here in the states. Not so fast. This would be true if Google voice was an actual VOIP solution. Google doesnt allow any incoming […]

FlyNumber.com-a concise review [RESPONSE]

If you came here looking for FlyNumber reviews you may want to check our Facebook wall. This is in response to a review a user wrote on his malware infested blog. I’d rather not link to the site because there is actual malware and malicious code on the site. If you try to get to one of his links through google it […]

Why doesn’t everyone have a Virtual Number?

So says the guy selling them right? Well hear me out, most of us who fall under the categories of entrepreneur, webmaster or internet junkie know of the benefits associated with having a virtual number. We use them to post on our “Contact Us” pages or maybe you used one because the travel site you […]