SMS Forwarding is Here*

First, we must thank our current users for their patience while we implemented this feature. Its been live for a couple of weeks now and glad to report its working well. Currently, it’s enabled for all new orders automatically, current users will need to send us an email or open a ticket requesting we enable […]

A much-needed update

Our blog has been on the back burner for quite some time. Over recent years, most of our public communications have come via the discussion forum. Much like phone numbers, the blog has no replacement =) Over the past couple of months, we’ve gone through some tough growing pains. Updates, new software, security enhancements, and […]

Beta Virtual Phone System released with Voicemail, Call Menus, Hunt/ Ring Groups

Due to overwhelming demand we’ve decided to release our Virtual PBX to the public while it’s still in Beta. Keep in mind we haven’t increased any of our prices, so you can enjoy using the PBX for free and without any restrictions. If at any point the PBX needs to make an outgoing phone call to a regular phone […] concise review [RESPONSE]

If you came here looking for FlyNumber reviews you may want to check our Facebook wall. This is in response to a review a user wrote on his malware infested blog. I’d rather not link to the site because there is actual malware and malicious code on the site. If you try to get to one of his links through google it […]

What the future holds

Since the site upgrade I haven’t really had a chance to write anything- super busy around here. It would seem our techs got all the bugs out. All links should work and orders renewing on their own should be ok as well. The site is run using a cache so if you haven’t cleared your […]

New site Up

We thank everyone for their patience. The new site is up and running