Use SIP2SIP to receive unlimited incoming calls on your FlyNumber

If you haven’t noticed already we’ve updated our phone system. It’s a powerful system and could be “too much” for some. ( We still suggest you check it out) You can still receive unlimited calls on your local number using VoIP/ SIP without our phone system. Here we’ll suggest sip2sip, it’s free and simple to […]

[Guide] Configure Groundwire or Zoiper using our phone system

You have a phone number, now you want to use it. Here we’ll discuss getting incoming /outgoing calls on your smartphone with a virtual number (sometimes called a VOIP or DID number). This guide assumes you have: A smartphone ( iPhone or Android) A FlyNumber account ( with the optional phone system Decent internet, wifi, […]

SMS Forwarding is Here*

First, we must thank our current users for their patience while we implemented this feature. Its been live for a couple of weeks now and glad to report its working well. Currently, it’s enabled for all new orders automatically, current users will need to send us an email or open a ticket requesting we enable […]

How to use your FlyNumber SIP account to make and receive calls on a PC

this post is outdated, you can use an SIP client, a free one is x-lite Here’s a great way to make and receive calls with your FlyNumber(s) using a free PC SIP phone/client. This is also a great method to test your FlyNumber SIP account and make sure it registers successfully with our servers. 1.)    […]

How an Incoming Phone Number with CallCentric gets you unlimited calls [Updated]

Using an Actual Phone You can use a softphone but I like having a physical phone and use the sturdy Polycom SoundPoint 601 to make and receive phone calls. It does the job and I guess once your accustomed to a system you don’t want to bother with anything else. I’ve been around these Polycom phones for years, all […]

Making Outgoing Calls with Your FlyNumber

We get a lot of people who ask if they can make outgoing calls with their FlyNumber, technically you’d need to connect to some sort of SIP/VOIP provider to handle outgoing calls from your SIP client or VOIP phone. If you have Skype then you’d just use Skype to make the outgoing calls. But what […]