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Turkey Phone Numbers

(216/212) Istanbul, (312) Ankara, (232) Izmir ...

(216/212) Istanbul, (312) Ankara, (232) Izmir and more

  • Make and receive calls with any device or software | Unlimited Incoming via VoIP/ SIP
  • You'll need proof of address in Turkey for us to activate the Turkey Virtual Phone Number
  • You can forward the calls to any phone number in the world for a low per min rate | Or use your smartphone and unlimited incoming
  • Turkish numbers are backed by strong infrastructure. No middle-eastern country offers VoIP other than Turkey (and Israel)
  • Türk Telekom is the major telecom company in Turkey | 30% owned by the Turkish treasury and %15 offered to the public
  • You'll need Photo ID/Company certificate and proof of address in Turkey in order for us to activate the line for you
  • The population for the Land of 4 seasons as it's sometimes called is 82 million and climbing
  • Currently SMS is not enabled for Turkey phone numbers

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Core options with every Turkey virtual number

  • Every Turkey phone number comes with the ability to forward calls directly to any regular phone number ( in the world ), our phone system or a custom VoIP solution
  • 1. Forward Turkey calls to a regular phone number

  • Core FlyNumber feature and can be updated via your panel on the "fly" (no pun intended)
  • No PBX or phone system involved when using this option
  • Anytime our system needs to send calls to a regular phone number, there is a low per min rate
  • 2. Cloud-based Phone System

  • This is optional and includes all the bells and whistles
  • IVR/Call Menu | Record Calls | Queue | Time-based routing | Create SIP Accounts | Voicemail and much more
  • Within the PBX, core features ( 1. and 3. ) are expanded to a great degree
  • Use the phone system to make outgoing calls [ Guide ] with your Turkey virtual number as the Caller-ID
  • 3. Set incoming Turkey calls to SIP

  • Core FlyNumber feature - set the Turkey FlyNumber to any SIP address (URI/host)
  • PBX not involved | Update settings instantly | Detailed logs (including failed attempts)
  • Your Turkey DID number can be used with 3CX | Asterisk | FreePBX | FreeSwitch among others
  • Here's a walkthrough on receiving unlimited incoming calls using this option
  • Every phone number comes with 2 incoming channels (with the ability to purchase more soon)

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Prefixes in Turkey We Carry

Prefix City Per Month
90-312 Ankara $ 9.95
90-216 Istanbul - Asia $ 9.95
90-212 Istanbul - Europe $ 9.95
90-232 Izmir $ 9.95
90-850 National $ 9.95

Discuss Turkey phone numbers with us

Discuss Turkey phone numbers with us

Ready for a Turkey Phone Number?

Ready for a Turkey Phone Number?

  • No Obligations | Cancel Anytime | Never any hidden fee's
  • You're billed based on the phone number, not users
  • Detailed call logs - export to CSV - (decline, timeout, internal server error, etc.)
  • Set a credit card/Paypal for recurring billing or add funds manually

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