Get a virtual phone number for your IPSofactum account

Answer calls with IPSofactum and it's unlimited incoming

  • IPSofactum is one of our "easy setup" providers, you give us the account username and that's it.
  • Forward calls to your IPSofactum account, you just pay the flat monthly rate for the FlyNumber itself.
  • You'll need to contact IPSofactum for outgoing calls, they can usually help set the outgoing caller ID to the FlyNumber

What is IPSofactum?

Ipsofactum offers all the traditional PBX services also integrate communications enable your company to the technology that is revolutionizing global telecommunications: VoIP. Based solution software allows you to save on communication costs between headquarters and long distance, integration between VoIP expensive proprietary platforms, interoperable with TDM telephony technologies and develop advanced telephony applications absent in the traditional PBX at a low cost.

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Any of our local phone numbers can be used with IPSofactum

  • You can order multiple FlyNumbers and send them all to the same IPSofactum account or to different usernames.
  • Use our virtual pbx to add features like call routing or an IVR (call menu) to your IPSofactum account.
  • Any time our system sends calls to a VoIP solution its unlimited incoming, it's no different here.
  • Keep in mind toll-free numbers have an incoming per min rate regardless of how you answer the calls.
  • Check out all our "Easy Setup" providers here

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