Get a virtual phone number for your IsraelNumber account

Answer calls with IsraelNumber and it's unlimited incoming

  • IsraelNumber is one of our "easy setup" providers, you give us the account username and that's it.
  • Forward calls to your IsraelNumber account, you just pay the flat monthly rate for the FlyNumber itself.
  • You'll need to contact IsraelNumber for outgoing calls, they can usually help set the outgoing caller ID to the FlyNumber

What is IsraelNumber?

Israel Numebers - Smart Calls Solution.


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Any of our local phone numbers can be used with IsraelNumber

  • You can order multiple FlyNumbers and send them all to the same IsraelNumber account or to different usernames.
  • Use our virtual pbx to add features like call routing or an IVR (call menu) to your IsraelNumber account.
  • Any time our system sends calls to a VoIP solution its unlimited incoming, it's no different here.
  • Keep in mind toll-free numbers have an incoming per min rate regardless of how you answer the calls.
  • Check out all our "Easy Setup" providers here

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