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What you should know about Quebec businesses and residents

Over 95% of Quebec residents speak French; possessing a local Quebec phone number ensures communication in the preferred language, fostering stronger connections with the community.

Quebec's diverse economy, including thriving sectors like technology and tourism, benefits from local phone numbers that can significantly increase customer trust and engagement.

Local phone numbers in Quebec allow for direct access to essential services, crucial during the winter months when timely communication can affect safety and mobility.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I use a FlyNumber to operate my business in Montreal even if I'm not physically located there?
Absolutely! A FlyNumber allows you to maintain a local presence in Montreal, helping you connect with the local community even if you're based elsewhere. This is particularly advantageous for businesses looking to tap into Montreal's diverse and predominantly French-speaking market, as it can give your business a more personal touch.
How quickly can I get a FlyNumber set up in Quebec City?
Activating a new Canadian FlyNumber, including those in Quebec City, is almost instant. Once you've registered and made your selections, you can start using your new local number almost immediately, making it a great tool for quickly establishing a connection with the local Quebecois community.
Will my FlyNumber work well during Quebec's famous winter festivals?
Yes, your FlyNumber will function just like any local number, allowing you to stay connected even during busy periods like the Winter Carnival in Quebec City. Not only can you keep up with event schedules and communicate with participants, but you also ensure that you’re reachable by local clients and partners who may be attending the same events.
Can I receive texts on my FlyNumber from my customers in Gatineau?
Yes, all Canadian FlyNumbers, including those used in Gatineau, can receive SMS messages. These messages will be forwarded to the email address you have on file with us. Please note, however, that we cannot guarantee the successful forwarding of 2FA or shortcode verification texts.
Is it possible to integrate my FlyNumber with a VoIP solution I already use for my team in Sherbrooke?
Absolutely, FlyNumber provides the flexibility to forward your local phone number to any VoIP solution, including external providers. This feature is particularly useful in a vibrant, business-oriented city like Sherbrooke, where seamless communication within distributed teams can be critical.
How does the call forwarding feature help me manage calls from French-speaking clients in Montreal?
With the FlyNumber cloud phone system, you can set up call menus in multiple languages, including French, which is essential for serving Montreal's predominantly French-speaking population. Additionally, you can use time-based and caller ID-based routing to ensure that calls are directed appropriately, enhancing customer service.
If I have a local event in Laval, can I use my FlyNumber to manage communications?
Certainly! Your FlyNumber allows you to establish and maintain local contact points, making it easier to organize and coordinate events in Laval. The ability to set up call menus and voicemails can be particularly useful for handling inquiries and providing information to participants, ensuring your event runs smoothly.

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Some background on Quebec and its area codes

Quebec, Canada's largest province by area, initially utilized area code 514 when area codes were introduced in 1947. As demand increased, particularly in Montreal, the area was split, introducing area code 418 in 1957 for the regions outside Montreal. Area code 819 was added in 1959 to cover western Quebec, including the capital, Quebec City.

Over time, Quebec's continued population and telecommunication growth necessitated further expansions. Area code 450 was introduced in 1998, surrounding Montreal to handle overflow. Subsequent additions include 579 and 438, serving as overlays to 450 and 514 respectively, to manage the increasing number of devices and services requiring phone numbers.

The introduction of area code 367 in Quebec in 2018 as an overlay for 418 and 581 marks the latest development in Quebec's area code evolution. This expansion reflects ongoing changes in telecommunication, driven by growing demand for phone numbers due to population growth, business expansion, and the proliferation of cellular devices.

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