$14.95 per month + per min rate

One-time setup fee: $68.00

Get your business connected in Argentina with a local 0800 toll-free number, known locally as "nĂºmeros gratuitos."

Establish a presence in bustling Buenos Aires or the vibrant city of Mendoza without setting a foot there.

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Toll-free per min rates

Whenever someone calls your Argentina toll-free phone number there is an incoming per min rate.

It's subtracted from your FlyNumber prepaid.

The (USD) rate depends on who is calling your Argentina toll-free number (or in other words the the prefix of the calling party).

  • For local callers from Argentina: 0.153 - 0.243
  • Local caller one time connect fee: 0.0
  • If an international caller calls the toll-free phone number: 0.222
  • International caller one time connect fee: 0.0
  • Full toll-free per min rates here.
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Features with every Argentina toll-free virtual number

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  • Businesses in Argentina can enhance customer support by offering toll-free calls, letting customers from Salta to Ushuaia connect without cost.
  • Utilize VoIP/SIP functionality with 300 incoming channels, ensuring no customer from Buenos Aires to Mendoza faces a busy signal.
  • Expand your market presence without opening new locations by routing national calls to your main office through call forwarding.
  • Incorporate our cloud phone system to manage calls efficiently during high-volume periods like soccer match days and national festivals.
  • Boost your brand image in Argentina by showing commitment to customer care, making it free and easy for every caller, whether they're from the Pampas or Patagonia.

Frequently asked questions

Are there any special registration requirements for Argentina toll-free phone numbers?
No, there are no special registration requirements for obtaining a Argentina toll-free phone number.
Can I port my existing Argentine phone number to FlyNumber for use as a VoIP service?
Yes, you can port any existing Argentine phone number to FlyNumber. The porting process typically takes a couple of days. Once ported, you can enjoy the flexibility of using your number with various VoIP services, just in time to celebrate a victory by Argentina in football with international calls to friends.
How can I integrate a FlyNumber toll-free number with local Argentine festivities using VoIP solutions like Asterisk?
You can set up your FlyNumber toll-free phone number with popular VoIP solutions such as Asterisk, FreePBX, and others. This setup allows you to manage large events and festivities in Argentina, like the vibrant Carnival, by efficiently handling up to 300 incoming calls simultaneously.
What are the costs associated with forwarding FlyNumber toll-free calls to a regular phone number in Argentina?
When you choose to forward your toll-free number to a regular phone number in Argentina, you'll be charged a low per-minute rate. This cost-effective solution means you can stay connected with your family in Buenos Aires or colleagues in Cordoba without worrying about high communication costs.
Can businesses in Argentina benefit from using FlyNumber toll-free numbers during regional events like the Mendoza Wine Harvest Festival?
Absolutely! Businesses in Argentina can maximize engagement with potential customers during local events such as the Mendoza Wine Harvest Festival by utilizing FlyNumber toll-free numbers. This service not only enhances customer service capabilities but also supports handling high call volumes, making it ideal for event-driven promotions and inquiries.

Info on Argentina toll-free phone numbers you may not know

Argentina's toll-free numbers start with 0800, followed by six more digits. They're widely recognized by Argentines and boost customer trust.

Unlike local numbers, these toll-free digits are perfect for businesses looking to establish a nationwide presence without regional biases. Surprise nugget: Argentina has a unique numbering plan where calls to 0800 numbers from mobiles were traditionally not free, although this is gradually changing!

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Example use cases

  • Set up customer support for alfajores producers to enhance client satisfaction with insights on call forwarding.
  • Enable tango schools across Buenos Aires to offer booking classes via a centralized VoIP system.
  • Support vineyards in Mendoza with a professional contact option using our cloud phone system.
  • Allow Patagonian tour operators to receive reservations without caller charges, ensuring more engagement.
  • Empower Buenos Aires theaters to manage ticket bookings through a dedicated call service, improving audience experience.
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