$9.95 per month + per min rate

One-time setup fee: $32.00

Get your hands on an Austria toll-free phone number, known locally as "geb├╝hrenfreie Nummer," with the prefix 800.

Perfect for connecting with clients in Vienna and Salzburg without costing them a cent.

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Toll-free per min rates

Whenever someone calls your Austria toll-free phone number there is an incoming per min rate.

It's subtracted from your FlyNumber prepaid.

The (USD) rate depends on who is calling your Austria toll-free number (or in other words the the prefix of the calling party).

  • For local callers from Austria: 0.111 - 0.375
  • Local caller one time connect fee: 0.0
  • If an international caller calls the toll-free phone number: 0.117 - 0.272
  • International caller one time connect fee: 0.0
  • Full toll-free per min rates here.
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Features with every Austria toll-free virtual number

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  • Businesses in Austria can expand their market presence, as a toll-free phone number encourages calls from across the country, including from picturesque Salzburg to bustling Vienna.
  • With FlyNumber's cloud phone system, Austrian businesses can manage calls efficiently, benefiting from features like voicemail and call routing.
  • Implementing a toll-free number with FlyNumber allows for calls to be forwarded to any device, ensuring you never miss a call, whether you're at a coffee house in Graz or a ski resort in Innsbruck.
  • A toll-free number in Austria, set to a SIP address, includes 300 incoming channels, accommodating large volumes of calls without additional costs.
  • By connecting your toll-free number to FlyNumber's VoIP/SIP service, Austrian businesses can enjoy lower costs with superior call quality, just like the impeccable sound of a Vienna Philharmonic performance.

Frequently asked questions

Are there any special registration requirements for Austria toll-free phone numbers?
No, there are no special registration requirements for obtaining a Austria toll-free phone number.
How do I port my existing Austrian phone number to FlyNumber?
You can easily port your current Austrian phone number to FlyNumber. The process typically takes just a few days. Simply submit your current phone number and few required details through our website, and we will handle the transfer for you. This allows you to maintain your local presence in Austria, ensuring that your contacts in cities such as Vienna, Salzburg, or Graz can continue to reach you effortlessly.
Can I forward my Austrian toll-free number to a mobile or landline outside of Austria?
Absolutely! With FlyNumber, you can forward your Austrian toll-free number to any regular phone number worldwide. This is particularly beneficial if you manage your business from different locations or travel frequently. Enjoy connecting with your Austrian customers while in destinations like Innsbruck for skiing or Linz for its cultural events, without missing a call.
Is it possible to integrate my Austrian toll-free number with VoIP platforms like Asterisk or 3CX?
Yes, you can set your Austrian toll-free number to work with various VoIP solutions including Asterisk, FreePBX, 3CX, or FreeSwitch. This integration includes 300 incoming channels, which is ideal for handling high volumes of calls, particularly useful during peak seasons such as the Vienna Festival or when managing calls related to the famous Salzburg Festival.
What are the costs associated with forwarding calls from my Austrian toll-free number to an international number?
Forwarding calls from your Austrian toll-free number to an international phone number incurs a low per-minute rate. This rate varies depending on the destination number's country. This feature is great for maintaining contact with international clients or team members, perhaps when coordinating events like the Christmas markets in Vienna or discussing logistics for tours in the Tyrol region.

Info on Austria toll-free phone numbers you may not know

In Austria, toll-free numbers start with 0800, instantly recognizable and free for callers, shifting charges to the business. A strategic choice for customer-focused services.

Despite its size, Austria boasts high telecommunications standards. Adopting toll-free numbers here can significantly boost your company's local credibility.

Interesting fact: In Austria, even toll-free numbers must comply with strict data protection laws, reflecting the country's commitment to privacy.

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Example use cases

  • Provide customer support for skiers and resorts in Innsbruck, ensuring guests have instant access to information.
  • Offer Vienna concert goers easy booking services with options available on our phone system.
  • Enhance tourism support in Salzburg with a number that tourists can call for free travel and accommodation advice.
  • Streamline event planning communications in Graz, allowing vendors and clients to connect without costs.
  • Boost eCommerce trust by enabling customers across Linz to reach service centers through call forwarding solutions.
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