$59.95 per month + per min rate

One-time setup fee: $190.00

Get your business connected in Bosnia and Herzegovina with local toll-free numbers, known locally as "besplatni brojevi," starting with the prefix 800.

Whether you're setting up in Sarajevo or Mostar, a Bosnian toll-free number can keep you accessible to all your customers.

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Toll-free per min rates

Whenever someone calls your Bosnia And Herzegovina toll-free phone number there is an incoming per min rate.

It's subtracted from your FlyNumber prepaid.

The (USD) rate depends on who is calling your Bosnia And Herzegovina toll-free number (or in other words the the prefix of the calling party).

  • For local callers from Bosnia And Herzegovina: 0.035 - 0.320
  • Local caller one time connect fee: 0.0
  • If an international caller calls the toll-free phone number: N/A
  • International caller one time connect fee: N/A
  • Full toll-free per min rates here.
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Features with every Bosnia And Herzegovina toll-free virtual number

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  • Businesses in Bosnia and Herzegovina can establish a nationwide presence, inviting calls from Banja Luka to Mostar without cost to the customer.
  • Utilizing a toll-free number through our VoIP/SIP services enhances local accessibility and professional image.
  • Offering 300 incoming channels when set to a SIP address, companies handle large volumes efficiently, crucial during Sarajevo’s bustling tourist seasons.
  • Integration with our cloud phone system allows businesses to manage calls with advanced features like voicemail-to-email, ideal for the tech-savvy population in Tuzla.
  • Flexible call forwarding options ensure that no call from potential customers in Zenica goes unanswered, fostering better customer relations.

Frequently asked questions

Are there any special registration requirements for Bosnia And Herzegovina toll-free phone numbers?
Yes, you'll need to register the Bosnia And Herzegovina number, please see the main Bosnia And Herzegovina page for more details.
What options are available for forwarding calls from my Bosnia And Herzegovina toll-free number to a local number in Sarajevo?
You can forward your toll-free phone number to any local number in Sarajevo, or anywhere in Bosnia And Herzegovina, at a very competitive per-minute rate. This allows you to manage your business communications effectively, whether you're connecting with clients near the vibrant Baščaršija market or dealing with suppliers in other parts of the city.
Can I integrate my Bosnia And Herzegovina toll-free number with VoIP systems like Asterisk or FreeSwitch?
Yes, you can easily set up your Bosnia And Herzegovina toll-free number with popular VoIP solutions such as Asterisk, FreeSwitch, or 3CX. This integration provides you with up to 300 incoming channels, making it ideal for handling high volumes of calls, whether it’s for customer support during the Film Festival in Sarajevo or for everyday business operations.
How long does it take to port my existing Bosnia And Herzegovina number to FlyNumber?
Porting your existing number to FlyNumber usually takes just a couple of days. This quick transition means you won't miss out on important calls, whether you're in the middle of preparations for a cultural festival in Mostar or wrapping up an important project in Banja Luka.
Are there any additional benefits to using FlyNumber's toll-free service in Bosnia And Herzegovina during large events?
Absolutely, utilizing a toll-free number during large events like the Sarajevo Winter Festival or the Mostar Bridge Jump can greatly enhance your business's accessibility and customer service. The ability to forward calls to any global number additionally helps you stay connected with your team and customers, no matter where you or they might be located.

Info on Bosnia And Herzegovina toll-free phone numbers you may not know

Bosnia and Herzegovina rocks a unique three-digit toll-free number format starting with 080. Quite the standout in European dialing codes!

Did you know? In this scenic Balkan state, even toll-free numbers are dialed differently by landline and mobile.

Adds a twist to your call planning! Surprise bonus: Bosnia doesn’t just blend cultures; it merges telephony networks too.

Post-war, the country has rapidly modernized its telecommunications. A phoenix in the wires!

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Example use cases

  • Expand customer support for cevapi delivery services across Sarajevo by ensuring easy contact.
  • Enable travel agencies in Mostar to provide booking assistance via forwarding calls efficiently.
  • Offer citizens in Banja Luka access to local government services and information.
  • Enhance the outreach of sevdalinka music festivals by providing a contact line for inquiries and bookings.
  • Drive greater customer engagement for shops selling traditional Bosnian crafts in Bihac using our advanced PBX solutions.
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