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Cities we cover in Alberta

What you should know about Alberta businesses and residents

Alberta's diverse economy, with major industries including energy, agriculture, and technology, supports a bustling local and international business environment that benefits from local VoIP communication solutions.

With Calgary and Edmonton serving as cultural and economic hubs, a local Alberta phone number can increase accessibility and customer trust, reflecting community engagement and understanding.

Statistics Canada reports steady population growth in Alberta, suggesting an expanding market and the ongoing need for effective communication tools like VoIP to connect with a broader customer base.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I use a FlyNumber to connect with customers in Calgary during the Stampede?
Absolutely! A FlyNumber lets you establish a local presence in Calgary, which is perfect during the Stampede when local businesses see increased interactions. You can engage with both locals and visitors who might prefer dealing with a local number.
Is it possible to forward my Edmonton FlyNumber to my cell phone when I travel to the Rockies?
Yes, you can forward your Edmonton FlyNumber to any mobile number globally. This feature ensures that you can continue receiving calls on your mobile even when you're enjoying the scenic beauty of the Rockies or anywhere else in the world.
How quickly can I get a FlyNumber set up if I’m starting a business in Banff?
Activating a new Canadian FlyNumber is nearly instant. Once you've registered and selected Banff as your location, you can start using your local number right away, making it perfect for capturing the tourist market in Banff without delay.
Will my FlyNumber work effectively during Edmonton's Fringe Theatre Festival when call volumes might be high?
Yes, FlyNumber's robust system is designed to handle high call volumes, which is particularly useful during large events like Edmonton's Fringe Theatre Festival. This ensures you don't miss out on any opportunities to connect with festival-goers.
Can I receive text messages on my Alberta FlyNumber and have them forwarded to my email?
Yes, all Canadian FlyNumbers, including those for Alberta, can receive SMS messages. These messages are forwarded to the email address you have on file with us. However, please note that we cannot guarantee the functionality for 2FA or short code verification texts.
Are there special features I can use to manage calls during business hours in my Lethbridge store?
Certainly! With the FlyNumber cloud phone system, you can set up time-based routing. This feature allows you to manage calls efficiently during your business hours in Lethbridge, ensuring that after-hours calls can be directed to voicemail or another specified number.
If I relocate from Red Deer to another province, can I keep my local FlyNumber?
Yes, you can keep your Red Deer FlyNumber even if you move to another province or country. FlyNumber provides flexibility, allowing you to maintain your established local contact number regardless of your new location, which is great for maintaining ongoing customer relationships.

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Some background on Alberta and its area codes

Alberta, a Canadian province known for its vast prairies and mountainous regions, originally had only one area code, 403, introduced in 1947. As the population grew, particularly in major cities like Calgary and Edmonton, the demand for more telephone numbers increased, leading to the introduction of additional area codes.

In 1999, the area code 780 was introduced for the northern half of Alberta, including Edmonton, while the southern region retained 403. This division helped manage the rising volume of telecommunication needs and business expansions, ensuring a stable and sufficient number supply for the area.

By 2008, Alberta introduced a new area code, 587, as an overlay for the entire province, accommodating further growth in both personal and commercial telecommunications. This overlay system allowed existing numbers to remain unchanged while providing flexibility for issuing new numbers without geographic constraints, demonstrating adaptability to continuous population and technology shifts.

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