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What you should know about Northern Ireland businesses and residents

Over 90% of adults in Northern Ireland use a mobile phone regularly, underscoring the importance of reliable communication methods such as VoIP for maintaining connectivity.

Local virtual numbers in Northern Ireland can help businesses increase their customer base as 74% of consumers prefer dealing with companies that offer local contact numbers.

Cultural events like Belfast's St. Patrick's Day parade draw large crowds, offering businesses the opportunity to connect locally through area-specific virtual numbers during peak times.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I use a FlyNumber to receive calls from traditional Irish landlines in Northern Ireland?
Yes, you can receive calls on your FlyNumber from traditional Irish landlines without any issues. When you set up your FlyNumber, you can choose to forward these incoming calls to any VoIP solution or regular phone number globally. This is particularly convenient if you're operating a business in Belfast but need to connect with clients in more rural areas like Ballycastle or Enniskillen.
How quickly can I get a virtual phone number set up in Northern Ireland?
Activating a new UK FlyNumber, including those for Northern Ireland, is almost instant. Once you've completed your registration and selected your desired local number, you can begin using it right away to establish a local presence, whether it's for personal use in Derry or for expanding your business in Armagh.
Is there any support for SMS with Northern Irish phone numbers?
Currently, the only UK numbers that can receive SMS are UK mobile numbers (44-7), and these messages are forwarded to your email. Unfortunately, other local numbers in Northern Ireland do not support SMS functionality at this time. We are planning to introduce outgoing SMS features in the future to enhance our services.
What are my options if I need to manage multiple virtual numbers in different regions of Northern Ireland?
With FlyNumber, you can easily manage multiple phone numbers from various regions, all in one place. This is particularly useful for businesses that operate in multiple cities, such as having one number in Newry and another in Strabane, allowing you to maintain local contacts easily and efficiently.
Can I use the FlyNumber cloud phone system to set up a call menu in Irish or Ulster Scots languages?
Yes, the FlyNumber cloud phone system allows you to customize your call menus, which can be set up in any language, including Irish or Ulster Scots. This feature is especially beneficial for businesses in Northern Ireland aiming to cater to all local communities by providing services in their native languages.
Is it possible to port my existing Northern Irish phone number to FlyNumber?
Absolutely, porting your existing Northern Irish phone number to FlyNumber is free and usually completed within a couple of days. This is a fantastic option if you're looking to retain your current number while benefiting from the flexibility and features of a VoIP service.
How reliable is the call quality if I use FlyNumber in rural areas of Northern Ireland like the Sperrins or Fermanagh Lakelands?
FlyNumber provides high-quality VoIP services, but the call quality can depend on your internet connection. In rural areas where internet services might be slower, it's advisable to ensure you have a stable and strong connection for the best possible call quality. This will allow you to stay connected smoothly with customers or family, whether they're in urban centres or scenic, remote locations like the Mourne Mountains.

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Some background on Northern Ireland and its area codes

Northern Ireland uses the UK telephone numbering plan, which assigns area codes starting with "028," followed by an additional four digits to define local areas. This format replaced the older "023" prefix in 2000 to accommodate the increased demand for phone numbers, streamlining the system across the UK.

The "028" area code system supports various regions such as Belfast (02890), Derry (02871), and Lisburn (02892). Each area code allows for a high volume of individual subscriber numbers, vital for both residential and business uses. This flexibility has been crucial in adapting to the growth in telecommunications.

Historically, the shift to the "028" area code was part of a broader UK initiative known as "Big Number Change." This change was implemented to ensure a consistent and sustainable numbering system across the country, reflecting the increasing need for additional telecommunication services and the rise of internet-based communications.

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