Japan Virtual Number

A Local Phone Number in Japan

A Local Phone Number in Japan

  • You own the phone number with no contracts
  • Flexible call forwarding options with unlimited calls via VOIP *
  • Cloud Phone System - route to menus, voicemail, call queue, etc.
  • Answer calls from your Japan phone number anywhere

What is a Japan Virtual Phone Number?

Sometimes called a VOIP number or DID number, in simplest terms, is a local Japan phone number.

When someone calls your Japan FlyNumber it's as if they'd be dialing a number set up by a provider locally in Japan. ( e.g., At&t, Orange, Verizon, Vodafone, MTN etc. )

Can I receive SMS messages with my Japan virtual number?

It depends. For the most part, verification services are not guaranteed to work. As far as getting SMS messages from regular mobile phones and such- that will work fine. ( SMS is not available in all areas ) IMPORTANT: Click here to see if we have SMS enabled for Japan.

What call forwarding options come with my Japan phone number?

  • Send the calls to a regular phone number ( or multiple numbers )
  • Our Phone System ( call menu, queue, voicemail, etc. )
  • Forward your Japan number to any SIP URI ( i.e., SIP address )
  • An external PBX/ Phone system ( e.g. Asterisk, FreeSWITCH, 3CX, freePBX and more )
  • Any combination of the above using our Phone System

Our Japan Inventory

Prefix City Per Month
81-92 Fukuoka $ 6.95
81-52 Nagoya $ 6.95
81-50 National $ 6.95
81-6 Osaka $ 6.95
81-11 Sapporo $ 6.95
81-3 Tokyo $ 4.95
81-800 Toll-free $ 34.95
81-45 Yokohama $ 6.95
Your Phone Number | Your Way

Your Phone Number | Your Way

  • Use any VOIP Provider or software
  • Send the Japan calls to our phone system or use your own
  • Cancel anytime - no hidden fee's
* not including toll-free numbers