Phone Number for DialNow

Now you can have an international virtual phone number and forward it to your DialNow account.. Just give us your DialNow username and we will forward all incoming calls from your DID number for free.



DialNow offers the lowest international tariffs and is easy to use. Just register an account on our website with your phonenumber and buy credit.



Get Unlimited Incoming Phone Calls with DialNow

Now you can receive phone calls on DialNow with unlimited minutes for a low flat rate. Choose a Country and city for your local phone number and forward straight to your DialNow username. All the calls made on your FlyNumber will forward right to your DialNow account

Change the Call Forwarding Anytime

You can always switch the call forwarding to a different username or different forwarding method all together. Any VOIP option will work, including forwarding to Gtalk or Skype

Highest Quality VOIP Service

We only use the highest quality lines to route your phone calls to DialNow. If your internet connection is strong and normally don't experience any packet loss our phone calls will connect instantly if not very quickly to your software or device.