FlyNumber Call Forwarding Specifics

Regular Phone Number - Choose the country and City along with Prefix of the number you are forwarding to. Only use digits, No symbols, dashes, hyphens. Only Numbers.

Custom SIP - Host is usually your SIP address ( Host name) or an Asterisk IP Address. Details should be your username or virtual number - ( You can change Later)

Easy Config - Choose from a list of our VOIP Providers, just give us the username associated with the account and we'll send the phone calls there.

Google Talk- Enter an address . Note: You must add the email address "did2gtalk[at]" to your Gtalk Softphone Contacts ( Just Once)

PBX -   State of the art virtual phone system . Free with every FlyNumber purchase . More Information.


Sample Asterisk SIP Config

Our IP Addresses