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Nestled in the heart of Belgium, Charleroi is a vibrant city with a rich industrial heritage and a growing cultural scene. With a population eager to connect, securing a local phone number with prefix 71 offers a direct line to this dynamic community. Whether you're using a smartphone, tablet, or computer, our virtual numbers keep you connected to Charleroi's bustling life.

Use any device or software

Any device can be used to make and receive calls with your FlyNumber.

  • iOS or Android smartphone
  • Mac, PC, or Linux computer
  • Desktop office phone
  • Any regular phone (a phone number)
  • 3rd party VoIP solutions
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A genuine Charleroi BE phone number

In the heart of Belgium's Hainaut province, Charleroi's prefix 71 connects users to a region steeped in industrial history and cultural heritage.

The dialing format for accessing Charleroi's local services and businesses starts with +32 71, followed by the local number, ensuring you reach this vibrant area directly and efficiently.

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Local presence with global essence

Establishing a local presence in Charleroi with a prefix 71 number allows businesses to build trust and accessibility among local customers, even when operating remotely.

Studies indicate that callers are up to four times more likely to engage with a local number, enhancing customer interaction and satisfaction regardless of the owner’s physical location.

Please note Charleroi, Belgium numbers have special registration requirements, more info on the main Belgium page.

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Unlimited incoming

When you answer phone calls with VoIP, or in other words the internet - it's free unlimited incoming minutes.

This is included in the price of the Charleroi phone number.

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Forward to any regular phone number

For an additional low per min rate, you can forward the Charleroi FlyNumber calls to any regular phone number in the world.

Use our phone system (optional) for increased flexibility:

  • To multiple phone numbers (up to 3)
  • Based on day of the week and/or time
  • Forward to phone number as backup to VoIP
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Use cases

Over the years we've seen our FlyNumbers used in a multitude of ways:

  • Use the Charleroi number as a 2nd phone line/phone number
  • Anonymize your personal mobile phone number
  • Separate business and personal calls
  • For your "Contact Us" page
  • Give friends/family in a local phone number to reach you
  • Use the Charleroi, BE FlyNumber for applications or forms (both online and offline)
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Optional Cloud Phone System

Configure your call flow with our intuitive "drag and drop" grid canvas

  • Call menu / IVR
  • Time/Day based routing
  • Route based on caller-ID
  • Forward to multiple destinations (Phone numbers and/or VoIP)
  • Call Queue
  • Much more...
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We cover thousands of cities from all over the world

Check out our full coverage of Belgium cities here.

Add local phone numbers from other countries and manage them all from the same account.

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Belgium Forum topics

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How do I get a local Charleroi BE virtual phone number?

Easy, just sign up here and choose how you'd like to use the Charleroi FlyNumber (you can change the settings anytime via your panel).

Can I get SMS on my Charleroi virtual phone number?

Unfortunately Charleroi, BE numbers do not come with SMS capabilities at the moment. This can change at any time, so follow us on social media for updates. Full list of SMS enabled numbers here.

How do I receive free unlimited calls with my Charleroi local phone number?

You'll want to use whats called a VoIP softphone (aka SIP application) - there are many free (and paid) ones available on iOS or Android.

Check out this blog post for more details.

You can also use a 3rd party VoiP solution.

Can I forward my Charleroi FlyNumber to a regular phone number?

Yes, you can forward any FlyNumber to a standard phone number from anywhere in the world for a low per min rate.

Please note this blog post if you anticipate blocked or anonymous caller-ID's calling your FlyNumber (while it forwards to a regular phone number).

Is it possible to port an existing Charleroi phone number to FlyNumber?

Generally speaking yes however we ask you to open a ticket or send us an email with the full phone number to confirm, it can take a couple of days to a week or 2 depending on the country.

Pay per phone number, not per user

No Setup fees.

Never any contracts or obligations, cancel anytime.

Set up a recurring subscription or add funds to your account manually.

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*Monthly price for the number includes unlimited incoming and SMS to email.

Additional rates apply when you forward to a regular phone number, make outgoing calls and/or use our internal cloud phone system.