Lodi Virtual Number

  • Use VoIP or a regular phone with your Lodi 39-0371 phone number
  • You can use the Lodi Italy number with our business phone system
  • We carry virtual numbers in Rome (06), Genoa (010), Milan (02), and others
  • Currently SMS is not supported on our Lodi numbers
  • Local Lodi Italian numbers require special registration (ie: proof of address in/around Lodi)

Business phone number in Italy

Business phone number in Italy

  • You own the Italy phone number
  • A real 39-0371 area code number
  • Local to Italy for your clients, family or friends

A Local Lodi Presence


  • Answer calls from your Lodi number with an APP and it's unlimited min. for $2.95
  • Inquire to port in your Lodi, Italy phone number
  • Forward calls from your Italy number to any number in the world ( per min rate)
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