Call Forwarding

Landline or Mobile Phone Call Forwarding

  • Forward your FlyNumber to a regular phone number anywhere in the world
  • Caller ID (CLI) is supported when using this option
  • Forward your calls to a regular line for a very low rate
  • You can always switch back to VOIP forwarding instantly

Local Phone Number for Asterisk

  • Forward your calls directly to your Asterisk box
  • Unlimited incoming calls with 2 channels
  • Diagnose DID issues "on the fly" with detailed call history (Server response, failed calls etc).
  • Use this along side our internal PBX for additional features
  • Buy bulk DID numbers for your business and send them to different extensions

VOIP Call Forwarding

  • Forward your calls to an Asterisk or Trixbox for Free
  • Choose a VOIP Provider to forward to from our "Easy to Setup" list
  • Forward your calls to any SIP address
  • Forwarding information can be changed anytime
  • Caller ID supported in some cases when forwarding to VOIP