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Nestled in the heart of Alabama, Dadeville, with its area code 256, boasts a rich tapestry of Southern charm and community spirit.

Experience local vibes from any device or software with a Dadeville virtual phone number, keeping you connected whether you're sipping sweet tea on the porch or coding in a cafe in Paris.

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  • Manage your Dadeville business calls with virtual number forwarding to any local or international number.
  • During the Tallapoosa County Fair, conveniently route calls with our cloud phone system based on the time of day.
  • Stay connected at Lake Martin with unlimited incoming minutes using VoIP technology for crisp, clear conversations.
  • Offer a local presence in Dadeville by utilizing a virtual number from our platform, directing calls to your main business SIP address.
  • Capture and store voicemails while enjoying a day at the Dadeville Fall Festival with our cloud-based features for peace of mind.
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Use any device or software

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Text messages (SMS) are forwarded to the email on file free of charge.

Any device can be used to make and receive calls with your FlyNumber.

  • iOS or Android smartphone
  • Mac, PC, or Linux computer
  • Desktop office phone
  • Any regular phone (a phone number)
  • 3rd party VoIP solutions
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Can I get SMS on my Dadeville virtual phone number?

Yes, your Dadeville FlyNumber will come with SMS capabilities. The text message will be forwarded to the email on file free of charge. Full list of SMS enabled numbers here.

Can I use my Dadeville virtual number for 2FA or other verification services?

This really depends on the company/service sending the SMS to the FlyNumber; it's up to them to actually send the text. We can't guarantee 2FA or short code SMS will work. Texts from regular mobile phones should work fine though.

What type of devices can I use with a FlyNumber if I'm based in Dadeville, Alabama?

Great question! Whether you’re chilling at Lake Martin or running your business downtown, you can use any device that suits your lifestyle to make and receive calls with FlyNumber. This includes smartphones, tablets, PCs, or even VoIP-compatible physical phones. Basically, if your device can connect to the internet, it can connect to FlyKind.

Can I manage multiple FlyNumbers for my businesses in Dadeville?

Absolutely! Whether you’re setting up shop on Broadnax Street or expanding to multiple locations around Tallapoosa County, managing multiple FlyNumbers is a breeze. With our platform, you can handle all your numbers under one account, making it super convenient to keep your business communications streamlined.

How can I use FlyNumber to enhance customer service for my Dadeville business?

Enhancing customer service is key, especially in tight-knit communities like Dadeville. Use the FlyNumber call menu to direct your customers appropriately—perhaps press 1 for store hours, 2 for orders. Also, the capability to record calls and save voicemails to the cloud ensures you never miss out on important feedback or inquiries.

If I use FlyNumber in Dadeville, can I forward calls to my mobile when I'm away?

Definitely! Whether you’re out enjoying a game at the Dadeville High School or fishing at Lake Martin, you can forward your FlyNumber calls to any mobile phone. This way, you stay connected, always ready to capture every business opportunity or keep in touch with family and friends.

How does FlyNumber support local businesses during the busy holiday seasons in Dadeville?

During bustling periods, especially events like the Dadeville Christmas Parade or the Fourth of July Festival, FlyNumber can help manage the increased call volume by routing calls based on the time or day. This means you can set up special hours for these busy days and ensure that your customers can reach you when they need to.

Can I use FlyNumber to keep in touch with family and friends outside Dadeville?

Yes, you can! FlyNumber allows you to make outgoing calls with your FlyNumber appearing as the caller-ID, so when you call your cousins in Montgomery or friends in Atlanta, your Dadeville number shows up. Plus, with unlimited incoming minutes when using VoIP, chatting with loved and dear ones becomes more affordable than ever.

Local info you may want to know

Dadeville, Alabama boasts a modest population, hovering around 3,200. It's the quintessential small town with a close-knit community vibe.

Economically, Dadeville is known for manufacturing and local businesses, primarily supporting the regional Lake Martin area. It's a hub for both year-round residents and seasonal visitors.

Surprisingly, Dadeville hosts the annual Hometown Christmas Parade, attracting visitors from across Tallapoosa County - a cultural highlight!

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A genuine Dadeville US phone number

In Dadeville, Alabama, nestled within the 256 area code, residents and businesses tap into a rich telecommunications heritage, tracing back to the area's early adoption of the area code in 1998 as part of the split from the original 205.

When dialing a Dadeville number, you'll use the standard US format: 1 + 256 + local seven-digit number, connecting you to this historically vibrant community efficiently.

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Other cities that may tickle your fancy

  • Birmingham buzzes with business; link locally with a FlyNumber.
  • Troy's charm meets tech ease—manage multiple FlyNumbers effortlessly.
  • Eufaula's historic streets go digital; calls routed anytime, anywhere.
  • Montgomery thrives on innovation; forward calls internationally at low rates.
  • Opelika: small city, big connections—use any device, anywhere with FlyNumber.
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Unlimited incoming

When you answer phone calls with VoIP, or in other words the internet - it's free unlimited incoming minutes.

This is included in the price of the Dadeville phone number.

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Forward to any regular phone number

For an additional low per min rate, you can forward the Dadeville FlyNumber calls to any regular phone number in the world.

Use our phone system (optional) for increased flexibility:

  • To multiple phone numbers (up to 3)
  • Based on day of the week and/or time
  • Forward to phone number as backup to VoIP
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Use cases

Over the years we've seen our FlyNumbers used in a multitude of ways:

  • Use the Dadeville number as a 2nd phone line/phone number
  • Anonymize your personal mobile phone number
  • Separate business and personal calls
  • For your "Contact Us" page
  • Give friends/family a local phone number to reach you on
  • Use the Dadeville, US FlyNumber for applications or forms (both online and offline)
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Optional Cloud Phone System

Configure your call flow with our intuitive "drag and drop" grid canvas

  • Call menu / IVR
  • Time/Day based routing
  • Route based on caller-ID
  • Forward to multiple destinations (Phone numbers and/or VoIP)
  • Call Queue
  • Much more...
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*Monthly price for the number includes unlimited incoming minutes when you answer with VoIP.

Additional rates apply when you forward to a regular phone number, make outgoing calls and/or use our internal cloud phone system.