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In the vibrant border city of Nogales, Arizona, where cultures blend as seamlessly as the landscapes, you can tap into the local scene with a virtual phone number in the 520 area code.

Connect to Nogales' bustling community using any device or software, making every call feel like a local one.

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Use any device or software

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Text messages (SMS) are forwarded to the email on file free of charge.

Any device can be used to make and receive calls with your FlyNumber.

  • iOS or Android smartphone
  • Mac, PC, or Linux computer
  • Desktop office phone
  • Any regular phone (a phone number)
  • 3rd party VoIP solutions
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Can I get SMS on my Nogales virtual phone number?

Yes, your Nogales FlyNumber will come with SMS capabilities. The text message will be forwarded to the email on file free of charge. Full list of SMS enabled numbers here.

Can I use my Nogales virtual number for 2FA or other verification services?

This really depends on the company/service sending the SMS to the FlyNumber; it's up to them to actually send the text. We can't guarantee 2FA or short code SMS will work. Texts from regular mobile phones should work fine though.

Can I use FlyNumber to stay connected with family across the border in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico?

Absolutely! With FlyNumber, you can easily maintain close contact with your loved ones in Nogales, Sonora. By forwarding your virtual number to any mobile or landline, you can bridge the gap seamlessly. This is especially handy during the vibrant celebrations of Dia de Los Muertos, ensuring you're always part of the family festivities, no matter which side of the border you're on.

How does FlyNumber help manage business calls in the bustling trade environment of Nogales, Arizona?

Nogales is a key player in international trade, so having a reliable communication system is crucial. FlyNumber allows you to route incoming calls based on day and time, perfect for managing the high volume of business communications. Plus, with our cloud phone system, you can set up a call menu—ideal for directing callers to the right department swiftly.

Does FlyNumber support call recording for customer disputes in retail businesses in Nogales?

Indeed, with the influx of shoppers from both sides of the border, retail businesses in Nogales can benefit greatly from FlyNumber’s call recording feature. Automatically save all voicemails, greetings, and call recordings to the cloud. This feature helps in resolving disputes and improving customer service by reviewing interactions and ensuring high standards are maintained.

Can FlyNumber assist in managing a medical practice in Nogales with patients from both the US and Mexico?

Absolutely, FlyNumber is perfect for medical practices in a culturally rich and diverse city like Nogales. Using our virtual numbers, you can forward calls to any SIP address, allowing seamless communication with patients. Additionally, setting up a bilingual call menu ensures that all patients, whether English or Spanish speaking, navigate through your service effortlessly.

Is it possible to use FlyNumber for local community events and festivals in Nogales?

Certainly! FlyNumber can enhance community connectivity during local events and festivals like the famous Nogales Mariachi Festival. Utilizing features like call forwarding and the cloud-based PBX system allows event organizers to manage calls effectively, distribute information, and engage with the community on a broader scale.

How can FlyNumber help in emergencies given Nogales’ unique position as a border city?

In emergency situations, swift and clear communication is vital. FlyNumber’s ability to manage multiple numbers on the same account can be pivotal for emergency response teams in Nogales. Teams can leverage this feature to route calls efficiently, ensuring quick response times during critical situations and helping keep the community safe.

Local info you may want to know

Nogales, Arizona, is a unique border city, with a population of about 20,000 residents. It's a binational hub, directly adjacent to its Mexican counterpart, Nogales, Sonora.

This proximity to Mexico enriches the local culture and economy, creating a vibrant marketplace for cross-border trade. The city thrives on import/export businesses due to its strategic location.

Companies in logistics, manufacturing, and retail find Nogales ideal for accessing both U.S. and Mexican markets. Surprisingly, despite its small size, it handles over half of all produce entering the U.S. from Mexico.

What might catch a number-seeker off guard is Nogales' role in art and film. It's not just about trade; cultural festivals and movie productions often choose this scenic locale, spotlighting its unique landscape and heritage.

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A genuine Nogales US phone number

In Nogales, Arizona, with its bustling border culture, you can tap into local communications using area code 520, which covers not just Nogales but also Tucson, Casa Grande, and parts of central and southeastern Arizona.

When dialing with FlyNumber in this area, use the standard US dialing format: 1 + 520 + local number, ensuring you stay connected to this vibrant, historically rich region.

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Other cities that may tickle your fancy

  • Sierra Vista thrives with FlyNumber; manage calls effortlessly in this bustling military hub.
  • Douglas connects globally; forward your calls internationally with ease from this historic border town.
  • Tucson businesses flourish with unlimited incoming VOIP minutes, perfect for the growing tech scene.
  • In Benson, route calls on your schedule, ideal for the city's active retirees.
  • Bisbee's vibrant arts scene goes digital; keep connected with FlyNumber's cloud-based PBX system.
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Unlimited incoming

When you answer phone calls with VoIP, or in other words the internet - it's free unlimited incoming minutes.

This is included in the price of the Nogales phone number.

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Forward to any regular phone number

For an additional low per min rate, you can forward the Nogales FlyNumber calls to any regular phone number in the world.

Use our phone system (optional) for increased flexibility:

  • To multiple phone numbers (up to 3)
  • Based on day of the week and/or time
  • Forward to phone number as backup to VoIP
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Use cases

Over the years we've seen our FlyNumbers used in a multitude of ways:

  • Use the Nogales number as a 2nd phone line/phone number
  • Anonymize your personal mobile phone number
  • Separate business and personal calls
  • For your "Contact Us" page
  • Give friends/family a local phone number to reach you on
  • Use the Nogales, US FlyNumber for applications or forms (both online and offline)
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Optional Cloud Phone System

Configure your call flow with our intuitive "drag and drop" grid canvas

  • Call menu / IVR
  • Time/Day based routing
  • Route based on caller-ID
  • Forward to multiple destinations (Phone numbers and/or VoIP)
  • Call Queue
  • Much more...
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*Monthly price for the number includes unlimited incoming minutes when you answer with VoIP.

Additional rates apply when you forward to a regular phone number, make outgoing calls and/or use our internal cloud phone system.