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Nestled in the mountains of Arizona, Prescott boasts a vibrant mix of Old West history and lively cultural scenes.

With a population eager to connect, our local phone numbers with area code 928 let you tap into Prescott's community from any device or software, bridging local charm with global reach.

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  • Catch every Prescott Rodeo call by forwarding them to your mobile via our call forwarding services.
  • Manage calls from the Sharlot Hall Museum via our flexible PBX system.
  • Stay connected at the Whiskey Row with unlimited incoming minutes using our VoIP solutions.
  • Direct callers to the right department with a call menu, perfect for Prescott's busy folk festival seasons.
  • Preserve greetings from the World's Oldest Rodeo with automatic cloud storage, ensuring every cheer is saved.
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Use any device or software

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Text messages (SMS) are forwarded to the email on file free of charge.

Any device can be used to make and receive calls with your FlyNumber.

  • iOS or Android smartphone
  • Mac, PC, or Linux computer
  • Desktop office phone
  • Any regular phone (a phone number)
  • 3rd party VoIP solutions
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Can I get SMS on my Prescott virtual phone number?

Yes, your Prescott FlyNumber will come with SMS capabilities. The text message will be forwarded to the email on file free of charge. Full list of SMS enabled numbers here.

Can I use my Prescott virtual number for 2FA or other verification services?

This really depends on the company/service sending the SMS to the FlyNumber; it's up to them to actually send the text. We can't guarantee 2FA or short code SMS will work. Texts from regular mobile phones should work fine though.

What devices can I use to manage my Prescott, Arizona FlyNumber while exploring the Whiskey Row?

You can use literally any device to handle your FlyNumber calls. Whether you’re checking out the historic saloons on Whiskey Row or hiking in the Prescott National Forest, as long as you have your smartphone, tablet, or laptop with you, you’re all set. Manage calls, voicemails, and your settings effortlessly, wherever you have internet access.

Can I forward my Prescott FlyNumber to a local business landline when I'm out enjoying the Prescott Rodeo?

Absolutely, you can forward your FlyNumber to any local business landline or even to a mobile number globally. So, go ahead and enjoy the World’s Oldest Rodeo without worrying about missing important calls - they can be routed directly to your office landline or wherever you choose.

How does the call routing feature work for a Prescott-based business during different times, like during the Prescott Frontier Days?

Our call routing feature allows you to set up your FlyNumber to forward calls to different numbers based on the day and time. This means that during busy event days like the Prescott Frontier Days, you can route business calls to your cell or alternate business lines to handle increased call volume or after-hours inquiries.

Can I set up a call menu for my Prescott art gallery that helps direct tourists to various departments?

Definitely! Use our call menu feature to guide your callers efficiently. For instance, you can set up your FlyNumber so that when tourists call in, they can press 1 for current exhibitions, 2 for group tour bookings, or 3 for event space rentals. It’s a great way to handle calls professionally and offer better service to art enthusiasts visiting Prescott.

Is it possible to use my FlyNumber for outgoing calls and still show my Prescott number as caller ID when reaching out to local clients?

Yes, when making outgoing calls using our cloud phone system, your Prescott FlyNumber can be shown as the outgoing caller-ID. This keeps your communication consistent and professional, ensuring your local clients recognize your number.

Will voicemails from my FlyNumber be accessible even when I'm attending events at the Yavapai College Performing Arts Center?

Certainly! All voicemails are automatically saved to the cloud. Whether you’re catching a concert or a play at the Yavapai College Performing Arts Center, you can access your voicemails anytime, from any device connected to the internet, ensuring you never miss a beat—or a call.

Local info you may want to know

Prescott, AZ, boasts a population of around 43,000, with a median age of 57 years, indicating a predominantly older demographic. Known as "Everybody's Hometown," Prescott offers a cozy, small-town feel, ideal for businesses targeting a mature market.

The city thrives on tourism, driven by its historic sites and outdoor activities, making it a hotspot for hospitality and retail sectors. Surprisingly, it's also emerging as a hub for tech startups and remote workers, attracted by its serene environment and lower operational costs.

Prescott enjoys a robust volunteer spirit which can be a networking goldmine for new businesses. The area's loyalty to local enterprises creates a supportive environment for newcomers.

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A genuine Prescott US phone number

In Prescott, Arizona, the area code 928 encompasses not just the historic city itself but also a vast swath of northern Arizona, highlighting its role as a key communication hub since its establishment in 2001.

When dialing a Prescott number, the format you’ll use is +1 928 xxx xxxx, ensuring you stay connected whether you're calling from the heart of Whiskey Row or the peaks of the Bradshaw Mountains.

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Other cities that may tickle your fancy

  • Sedona, a hub for art and stunning red rock views, now supports FlyNumber services.
  • In Payson, enjoy the cool climate and manage multiple FlyNumbers seamlessly.
  • Flagstaff, known for its vibrant college scene, routes calls efficiently with FlyNumber.
  • Globe, rich in mining history, uses FlyNumber to keep businesses connected.
  • Kingman, a gateway to Route 66 adventures, offers reliable call forwarding through FlyNumber.
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Unlimited incoming

When you answer phone calls with VoIP, or in other words the internet - it's free unlimited incoming minutes.

This is included in the price of the Prescott phone number.

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Forward to any regular phone number

For an additional low per min rate, you can forward the Prescott FlyNumber calls to any regular phone number in the world.

Use our phone system (optional) for increased flexibility:

  • To multiple phone numbers (up to 3)
  • Based on day of the week and/or time
  • Forward to phone number as backup to VoIP
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Use cases

Over the years we've seen our FlyNumbers used in a multitude of ways:

  • Use the Prescott number as a 2nd phone line/phone number
  • Anonymize your personal mobile phone number
  • Separate business and personal calls
  • For your "Contact Us" page
  • Give friends/family a local phone number to reach you on
  • Use the Prescott, US FlyNumber for applications or forms (both online and offline)
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Optional Cloud Phone System

Configure your call flow with our intuitive "drag and drop" grid canvas

  • Call menu / IVR
  • Time/Day based routing
  • Route based on caller-ID
  • Forward to multiple destinations (Phone numbers and/or VoIP)
  • Call Queue
  • Much more...
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*Monthly price for the number includes unlimited incoming minutes when you answer with VoIP.

Additional rates apply when you forward to a regular phone number, make outgoing calls and/or use our internal cloud phone system.